M C & G  Bridge Studio   5-Jun-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Director calls:

When an irregularity happens at the table, the director should always be called to make an objective and accurate decision for the players involved.  The director doesn't want to hear an hour later about an insufficient bid or exposed card where the players appointed themselves amateur directors and imposed their own ruling. The ACBL has special considerations that you may not know about or understand fully; let the directors do their job.
 when calling for the director, say 'Director please' in a loud but pleasant way, and please raise a hand so the director knows where the call came from;
 once there, allow the director to gather the facts expediently from one player; the director will ask the questions; only interrupt if you feel there's something important that's been missed;
 if you do not agree with the directors ruling, you can ask to see the law in the ACBL ruling book for verification;
 if you still feel the ruling was not fair, you can ask the director for an appeal, which will be handled as fairly as possible by the director and a few of your peers.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Bernice Leet & Eleanor Balcom for their 70% game on Monday night!!  Jill & Steve are currently third in Canada in the Saturday World Wide Pairs Bridge Contest. Kudos this week goes to all the Directors at the Bridge Studio, for all your work and all your patience, Thank you.

             For more details on Friday's World Wide Pairs Game: < Click here>

             For more details on Saturday's World Wide Pairs Game: < Click here>

June is the first month of the North American Pairs contest. The last weekend in October and the first weekend in November will be the finals for District 1, and YOU could win a trip to play in Kansas City in March for the National finals.  First you MUST qualify at the club level. There are THREE flights A=Open; B=0-2500; C=0-500 NLM - your points as of June 6th will determine your flight eligibility.  All club level games are TRIPLE points with RED & Black points.
North American Pairs (NAP) this week are: Monday (6th) at 12:30 & Wednesday (8th) at 7:00.
Charity Club Championship Friday (10th) at 12:30.  Getting ready for our BIG Trump Alzheimer's Event on the 20th!!

DANCE CARDS: Don't forget to pick up your 'dance card' and start filling in your partners for this years TRUMP ALZHEIMER.  Sunrise (6:30 am) to Sunset (8:45 pm) - Raising money and awarness for Alzheimer's Society of Nova Scotia.  For more detail CLICK HERE.

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME:  CueBidding Workshop. Some simple bids to GREATLY enhance your bidding.  Being familiar with the most common usages of the cuebid will improve your bidding to no end and give you a new found flexibility.  SUNDAY JUNE 12th.  11:00 - 2:00, $17.50. Registration is helpful to ensure I have enough materials and prepared  hands.  Sign up sheet at the Bridge Studio or email kmacnab@eastlink.ca

The auction:

North     East     South     West
 1D          P         1NT        P
 2NT        P         3NT      All pass

                North (dummy)
                S – A 8
                H – A Q 7 2
                D – A J 9 8 5
                C – Q 4

Opening Lead: S – 6

               South (you)
               S – K J 5
               H – 6 4
               D – 6 2
               C – K J 10 9 6 3
Plan your play!!

The auction:
   East     South    West    North
   1S           P          3S*       P             *(3S  = 10-12, limit raise, usually 4-card support)
   4S       All pass

                   North (you)
                   S – 7 4 3
                   H – 10 8 6 4
                   D – A
                   C – A 9 5 3 2
East (dummy)
S – K J 9 5
H – J 9 7
D – K Q 10 8
C – 8 7
                  South (Partner)
                  Opening Lead:           C – K
Sitting in the North chair – what is your defensive plan?
Clearly the ball is in North’s court.  Trusting partner is easy – the lead of the C-K promises the next lower honour.  North knows the only way to get FOUR tricks is to overtake the King with the Ace, now Cash the D-A and return to partner’s known C-Q.  Since South knows partner would not have just made that play without a reason, South should trust that the D-A is a singleton and return the suit expecting North to ruff.  North, you know you will always win the D-A, so the only reason to cash the Ace is to get the ruff.  Make your plays for a reason.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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