M C & G  Bridge Studio   15-May-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: The unusual 2NT bid.  This call is often used as an overcall after an opening bid of 1 of a Major.  Most common practice is for the hand to be weakish, usually 5-10 HCP with at least 5 cards in EACH minor.  It tends to be a preemptive strike by the opponents.  The advancer is expected to choose a minor at the 3 level, but could go higher to either make the contract or increase the preempt.  With an intermediate hand of 11 – 17 HCP it might be best to overcall the higher ranking suit, and then rebid the other suit.  To bid 2NT and then make a subsequent call of a suit, it would should a very good hand of 18+HCP.  Some partnerships find it easier to bid the Unusual 2NT with ANY 5-5 minor suit hand.  Check with your partner to make sure you are both on the same page.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Kudos to Nancy Fraser and the Bridge Studio Aces - setting a new record for our Alzheimer's walkers  -- see  attached!!!!  Congratulations to this month's Up the Ranks Winners. Overall: Michael Ross, Daniel Labrie, Marilyn Bernardo & Linda Walker. First in flight C: Sharon Grant, Maxine Cordon, Joan Curren & Russell Stacey.KUDOS to everyone who played CHASE THE ACE! it was a fun time. On Wednesday May 11th - Ann Quigg  & Marcia Shaw were joint owners of  the winning number and won the chance to draw. Ann pulled the Ace of Spades and the girls  won the Jackpot of $429.50.  With $673.50 going into the Alzheimer's Walk fun and the $315.50 from the Trump Alzheimer's Fund, Marcia topped up the donation with $11.00 to make it an even $1,000.00 for charity!!  Thank you everyone.

Grass Roots Month continues - this Tuesday at 12:30 and Wednesday at 1:00 for an extra $1 you can enjoy the extra masterpoint awards.
WEDNESDAY MAY 18th at 7:00.  If you are not in PEI, enjoy our Membership game. This game awards extra masterpoints (TRIPLE) for all paid up members of the ACBL and Bill will have some special snacks for everyone as well.  Just $7.00

Monday night is a great night for students & players.  Come and play or take a class to improve your skills.  Liz has her Pearl of Wisdom at 6:45 then Just Play Bridge at 7:00.  Two hours, 12-14 boards, questions, answers, and chocolate to the winners.  Nancy will be starting a two week series on "Jacoby Transfers". There is a real purpose to transfers and to be able to take full advantage - join Nancy and discover what this great convention is all about.  7:00 on Monday.
TUESDAY MORNING - Beginner Bridge with Bev.  Moving along to Major and minor suit openings (9:15).  Jill will be helping you with some of those 'awkward' situations in bridge - support now or later, giving a preference (9:30).

You hold:
      S – K 8 4
      H – 10 9 4 3
      D – Q 9 3
      C – A Q 2

North    East    South    West
 1D       pass       1H      pass
 2H       pass        ?
What is your call after opener has raised your 1H responding bid?

You are on defense against a 4H contract.  On lead as West you lead the DA then the DK, to which partner shows out!
How do you proceed  from here:

                  North (dummy)
                  S – A J 4 3
                  H – A Q 10 2
                  D – 6 5 3
                  C – 4 2
West (you)                       East (partner)
S - --void—                       S - 5
H – 7 5 4                           
D – A K J 10 8 2                D - 9
C – Q 8 7 5                       East your partner follows to the first diamond and discards a low spade at trick two.

As west you plan to play a third diamond for east to ruff.  Be sure to play the HIGHEST diamond possible, hopefully partner will recognize a "suit preference" signal. Upon leading the diamond to partner you have a choice of cards to play the J, 10, 8 & 2.  In this situation, playing the highest of your cards, Jack, to indicate you want partner to play back the higher of the 2 remaining suits (spades & clubs) and the lowest cards, 2, would indicate the lower 2 remaining suits.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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