M C & G  Bridge Studio   1-May-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Covering an honour with an honour.  But like every good bridge play  - there is a time and a place.  With touching honours in the dummy – COVER  the LAST of the touching honours!!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Kudos to "Skipper" Nancy Fraser and the Bridge Studio Aces. Raising over $6,200.00 for the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.  Today was a beautiful day to take the 5K walk.  I have attached some pictures!!
CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel Labrie, Mike Ross, Linda Walker & Marilyn Bernardo this months Up the Ranks winners, all 14 teams had a great day.  May Up the Ranks will be on the Saturday the 14th.  Sign up early.

SPECIAL NOTE: - Fundraiser of "Chase the Ace" contributed $653.00 for our Alzheimer's team.  But our second Jackpot (over $250.00) has not been won yet.  We will continue to play at specified games until the Ace is drawn.  The donation proceeds will go to our Trump Alzheimer's Day on June 20th!!

THIS WEEK AT THE BRDIGE STUDIO:   NOTE - calendar attached
May is GRASS ROOTS month.  $1.00 from each player (for Grass Roots games)  will go to the District 1 fund, and will be used to subsidize our B & C players who are successful in the North American Pairs, and the Grand  National Teams.  Grass root games this week are:

Wednesday May 4 @ 7:00 -- just $7.00
Thursday 5th at both 12:30 & 7:00 - we will have some treats to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS - GOLD POINT OPPORTUNITY - Saturday May 7th 10:30 & TBA. 2 separate sections:  OPEN and 0-2500 teams.  $100.00 per team (discounts for players who played at the club level game).

Just Play Bridge - Monday at 7:00. This game is open to ALL students and new-to-duplicate players.  Only $5.00, NO masterpoints, extra time, you may ask for help, Winners get chocolate.  Come early (6:45) for Liz's "Pearl of Wisdom".
Next step after Monday "Just Play Bridge" is: Friday morning at 9:30 with Jill. Masterpoints, but all players have fewer than 100 masterpoints.
THURSDAY 7:00 - Jill McCormick is now directing this Thursday game, she is doing a great job building it back up to it's original popularity. Limited to players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints, makes it not too scary, but good competition.  If you have not played in this Thursday game before, come and have a game on us.  This week we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

West    North    East    South
 1D       pass      pass      ??      What is your  call sitting South with the following hand?
          S – 6 5
          H – A K J 10 8 7
          D – 7 6 4
          C – A J

      North (the Dummy)
             S – A 6 5 4 3
             H – K J 3
             D – A 7 6
             C – Q J

D – K
             South (you)
             S – J
             H – A Q 10 8 7 6 2
             D – 8 4 3
             C – 6 5

Contract – 4H.  You can win the D – K and you have trump control, but can you manage NOT to lose 2  diamond and 2 club tricks?

You must be careful, please notice that you have all the BIG hearts.  Win with the D-A, now play the S-A and ruff a spade in your hand HIGH, play a smallish heart (not the 2) to the dummy’s H-K.  Next ruff a third spade HIGH.  Now to get rid of the opponent's last heart by playing another smallish heart (not the 2) to dummy’s H-J. Ruff the fourth spade (watching that both opponents follow).  Now you can play the H-2 in your hand to the Heart 3 in dummy, cash the last spade, discarding one of your losing minor suit cards.  The moral of the story – NEVER ignore a long suit in dummy!!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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