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TIP OF THE WEEK: With no sequence to lead, the unbid suit is usually a good start.  In addition, the lead of a low card strongly suggests an honour.  It is not a guarantee, and hopefully partner can work it out.  The problem with top of nothing is that partner is likely to think you have a doubleton and by the time they work out it is NOT – it is often too late.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Another 70% game this week - Bruce & Heather Sandeson 72.6% - CONGRATULATIONS.  CAKE on Wednesday - come and congratulate Carole Anne Patterson and Graham Waters on their LIFE MASTER (and Bronze) achievement.
          *********JUNE CALENDAR IS ATTACHED!!********

Rotary Club TOONIE draw.  Don't forget to put your toonie in the box.  The prize is over $700.00 !!

GRASSROOTS game - last chance for the DOUBLE++ masterpoints, Tuesday 7:00!!
June is the start of Qualifying games for the North American Pairs. The finals are in October/November - and you have to qualify to play!! FIRST game is Wednesday June 1st at 7:00 - and we have celebration cake too!!
The unique opportunity to compete against the WORLD! The World Wide Bridge Contest has TWO games - Friday 7:00 (with finger food and cash bar!) & Saturday 12:30  (hot dogs & ice cream). Special Analysis booklet and your chance to have a WORLD WIDE TOP on a board!!

FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE GAME;  Monday night Nancy is completing her lessons on Transfers, this convention can be very useful and has become one of the most popular conventions in bridge.  7:00 - little room.

The auction:
   East     South    West    North
   1S            P        3S*      P             *(3S  = 10-12, limit raise, usually 4-card support)
   4S       All pass

                     North (you)
                     S – 7 4 3
                     H – 10 8 6 4
                     D – A
                     C – A 9 5 3 2
West (dummy)
S – K J 9 5
H – J 9 7
D – K Q 10 8
C – 8 7
                    South (Partner)
                    Opening Lead:
                     C – K
Sitting in the North chair – what is  your defensive plan?

The moral of the story - Never ignore a long suit in dummy.
You have arrived in a 4H contract  - yes the opponents competed  with spades.  But you win!!
The opening lead is the S-K – you win the Ace – what is your plan to win 10 tricks!

                     North (dummy)
                     S – J 8
                     H – K 10 6
                     D  - 9 8 5 3 2
                     C – K J 6
Opening Lead:
S – K
                    South (you)
                    S – A 10
                    H – A Q J 9 8 4
                    D – 10 6
                    C – A 4 3

Answer:  Life looks grim, but any time there is a 5-card suit in dummy consider your entries, and see if you can establish your LONG suit! Here you will win the S-A and immediately play a diamond – it loses to West’s D-Q and they play a club – try the Jack, it is covered and then win the Ace.  Now you play the second Diamond, losing to West’s D-A and another club back.  Win the King in dummy and play a third diamond – ruffing HIGH (you have lots of high trumps).  Now a trump to dummy play a fourth diamond, again ruffing high in your hand, a trump from hand and a trump to dummy to pull the last trump and to enter the dummy.  NOW your fifth diamond is a winner and you can discard the losing Club – brilliant!!  And you did all this without doing the ‘easy to find’ finesse in clubs–you had a better plan!!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
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