M C & G  Bridge Studio   24-Apr-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Long solid suit and a big hand.  Let us say you  hold:
S A K Q J 9 4 3 2  H K J 10  D A 4  C void.   This looks like a 2C opener to me.  You would open this hand with 2 C, and after partner gives their waiting response (usually 2D), you can make a JUMP rebid of 3 Spades.  This bid tells partner that spades are trump, no matter what they hold, and partner should bid their Aces up the line.  With no aces, you can rebid 3NT to show a King, after that opener can bid 4 Clubs to ask which king to which you bid up the line with 4 of trump suit showing Club King. Without any Aces or Kings you will bid 4 of opener's long suit.  The TIP a jump after 2C 2D 3S (or 3H); all you are looking to show are your Aces if any!!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Monday night fun pairs: Pat Clair and Hans Beumer had a 73.2% game.  For the 13.5 table Rookie Master game Terry Shaw and Sandra MacDonald were first followed by Mike Tanner and Liz Cormier.  Kudos for the masters who donated their time to play with the rookies! Also Kudos to thoes who participated in the Don Cox sectional tournament in Truro this past weekend.

What is happening this week:   Help us support our  Bridge Aces Team that is walking in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk on May 1st.  See our 'Skipper Nancy' to be part of the A-TEAM. Also the Chase the Ace player pool for Alzheimers is now over $140.00.  The Toony pot for the Rotary Club charity is now over $930.00. 

Charity Club Championship Games ( with $1.00 per player going to NS Alzheimer's Society or the CBF Charity Foundation ):

Tuesday  7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am
Wednesday 7:00 pm (just $7.00)
Thursday 7:00pm ( 0-1000 masterpoint )

This Saturday 12:30 - Up the Ranks (0-1000) Swiss team game.  Want to play? email Jill: jmariem@eastlink.ca

** Gold Point Alert ** SAVE THE DATE -- Saturday May 7th: GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS - 2 sessions starting at 10:30am at the Bridge Studio with 87% of masterpoint awards being GOLD points !!  2 sections OPEN & those teams with all player under under 2500 masterpoints.  For more information contact Kathie 902-443-4676 or email: KMacnab@eastlink.ca

For  the Students of the Game:

Monday at 7:00 - Bridge Basics continued - join Nancy for a couple of weeks of play and then move into some  instruction.  Or just stay and practice play with Liz, Kathie and Bill there to help.
Tuesday 9:30 - Bridge Basics 1 - a new series
Tusday 9:30 - Beginning April 19th - Refining your Bidding.  Jill's new class to help you bid better and understand what your are saying.  8 weeks.


              North (the Dummy)
              S A 6 5 4 3
              H K J 3
              D A 7 6
              C Q J
              South (you)
              S J
              H A Q 10 8 7 6 2
              D 8 4 3
              C 6 5

Contract 4H.  You can win the D K and you have trump control, but can you manage NOT to lose 2 diamond and 2 club tricks?


You had opened this auction with 1S and partner supported (2S), but North/South interfered and bid to 4-H.  How do you plan to defeat the contract.

                    North (dummy)
                    S 7 5
                    H K 8 6
                    D 7 4 3 2
                    C A Q J 10
West (you)                                    East
S A K J 8 3                               1st trick play Spade - 10
H 7 5
D A J 6
C 8  7 2

Contract: 4H by South.  Opening lead S A.  North plays low and East plays the S-10 (standard carding).  What is your next play?
Answer: The S-10 would be an encouraging card, promising a card to complete your sequence.  Therefore East must be  telling you they have the S-Q.  Spades will only get you 2 tricks, so you want East in to lead a diamond (best place for more tricks).  So DO NOT play your S-K, play the S-8 to partner.  Partner should switch to a diamond, playing the King or Queen of diamonds if she has it.  They do, and lead the D Q.  allowing your side to win 2 spade tricks and 2 diamond tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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