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TIP OF THE WEEK:  When defending against a NoTrump contact make negative discards in suits you don’t want led, keeping all the goodies in the suit you do want led.  Keep winners – discard losers!!
KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Nicia Amys & Lou Ann Thomson 72.22% game on Friday (8th) -- well done! Congratulations to Gerry Callaghan & Mike Tanner - Lucky Score winners last Tuesday ($125.50) each.  Heather Gillis - first winner of "Chase the Ace" $119.00.


The Canada wide  Helen Shields Rookie-Master Game -- Thursday April 21, 2016 at 7:00  (this same game will be played at Hfx. Brg World Thurs. morning).  This is your chance to introduce someone to the game, or help encourage our newer players to Duplicate bridge.  Rookies are players with fewer than 50 masterpoints and Masters are those with 50+ and a sense of humour.  Sign up at the Studio.  $10.00
Monday at 12:30 - Charity Club Championship - $1.00 from each player will go to the NS Alzheimer's Society.
Wednesday 7:00 - our game is getting bigger, we start on time and end at 10:00.  Lucky Score & 'Chase the Ace'.  $7.00 with $1.00 to CBF Charity Foundation
Friday at 12:30 - Charity Club Championship game for those not off to Truro for the Don Cox Sectional.  
This weekend the Don Cox Sectional Tournament - Truro NS.


Tuesday 9:15am. Bridge Basics 1, understanding NoTrump openings and responses.  
NEW class with Jill - Refining your Bidding. The first of 8 weeks.  9:30 am  This week Jill will be taking a look at bidding messages and the common misunderstandings in the Early Auction. 
Starting May 2 (Mondays at 7:00) Nancy will be continuing with Bridge Basics and focusing on the declarer play and a look into Stayman and Transfers.
Come and Play!  Thursday Supervised Bridge  at 9:30.  Monday 'Just Play Bridge' 7:00

CHASE THE ACE: Play when you can.  Only $1.00 per ticket.  Proceeds to the Bridge Studio Aces and their Walk for the NS Alzheimer's Society.  Please note the walk is on Sunday May 1st (not Saturday) and this will be our ninth year of participation.

You  opened this auction with 1S and partner supported  (2S), but North/South interfered and bid to 4-H.  How do you plan to defeat the contract.

                 North (dummy)
                 S – 7 5
                 H – K 8 6
                 D – 7 4 3 2
                 C – A Q J 10
West (you)                            East
S – A K J 8 3               1st trick play – S - 10
H – 7 5
D – A 10 6
C – 8  7 2

Contract: 4H by South.  Opening lead S – A.  North plays low and East plays the S-10 (standard carding).  What is your next play?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
The contract is 1NT by South
             North (dummy)
             S – A Q 9 5 3
             H – K 6 4
             D – A 4
             C – 10 5 3
Lead – H-3
            South (you)
            S – 6 4
            H – A 10
            D – Q J 10 9 3
            C – J 8 6 4
Assess -  you are in 1NT and need 7 tricks.
Browse – look at your tricks, how many do you have for sure and how do you get what you want.
Consider -  the order in which you are going to play your cards.

Browse your options:  In this hand you have only FOUR sure tricks and need THREE more, where do you go for them – spades or diamonds?  Too much work in spades and entries are an issue, so the solid, stronger diamonds are the best bet.  If you chose to go to your hand and play the D-Q toward the Ace, do not tell anyone.  Worse if West covered that Q with their K with doubleton Ax in dummy – DON’T TELL ANYONE.  Simply win the Heart King – play the D-A and then a Diamond to your hand, to knock out the D-K to establish 3 more Diamonds for your 7 tricks.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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