M C & G  Bridge Studio   10-Apr-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK:  At a trump contract when a defender is sure there are no side suit tricks available, think about giving declarer a ruff and a sluff.  This can sometimes lead to a trump promotion – which might be your only hope, so just DO IT!!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Here it is the final results for a long fought week.  Congratulations to the JEDI House.  For the story of the saga -- please see attached, pictures included.  Overall results:

JEDI - 13,900
StormTroopers -13,611
Droids - 10,964
The Millennium Falcon: 10,110

Most Masterpoints for the week - Steve Anderson - 11.80 (followed by: Liz Legacy 853; Terry Shaw 6.70; Bill Cruden 6.11) Most Spirit Points: Trish Hattie 560; Beryl Higgs 340; Linda Mills 325; Val McClintock 300) - If you did not get your trophy  and t-shirt on Sunday, be sure to pick them up this week at the Studio.  My thanks to everyone who came and contributed to the FUN and brought so many great snacks.  It was a huge success and would not have happened without you and your sense of humour.

What is happening this week:   Help us support our  Bridge Aces Team that is walking in the Alzheimer's Memory Walk on May 1st.  See our 'Skipper Nancy' to be part of the A-TEAM.  Charity Club Championship games this week are:

Tuesday  (12th) 12:30 - 0-500 only - proceeds to the CBF Charity Foundation
Wednesday (13th) 7:00 Just $7.00 (($1.00 to our Bridge Aces Walking Team)
Thursday (14th) 7:00  -- Jill McCormick will be directly and welcomes all players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints.  She  promises to make the game run in a professional and timely manner.  More masterpoints this week.  New to the game or bring a friend - get a free play!!

THIS WEEKEND - for all players with under 300 masterpoints - the 3rd Annual CODIAC 299er SECTIONAL - Moncton, NB Saturday and Sunday.  A fine opportunity  to win Silver Points.

Check out the Sign up board for the Helen Shield CBF Rookie/Master game THURSDAY April 21st at 7:00 PM

GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS - Saturday May 7th -- 2 sessions and GOLD points  2 sections OPEN & under 2500.

For  the Students of the Game:

Monday at 7:00 - Bridge Basics continued - join Nancy for a couple of weeks of play and then move into some  instruction.  Or just stay and practice play with Liz, Kathie and Bill there to help.
Tuesday 9:30 - Bridge Basics 1 - a new series
Tuesday 9:30 - Beginning April 19th - Refining your Bidding.  Jill's new class to help you bid better and understand what your are saying.  8 weeks.

The contract is 1NT by South
                North (dummy)
                S – A Q 9 5 3
                H – K 6 4
                D – A 4
                C – 10 5 3
Lead – H-3
               South (you)
               S – 6 4
               H – A 10
               D – Q J 10 9 3
               C – J 8 6 4
Assess -  you are 1NT  and need 7 tricks.
Browse – look at your tricks, how many do you have for sure and how do you get what you want.
Consider -  the order in which you are going to play your cards.   So what is your plan?

The Auction has proceeded thusly:

North     East    South    West
  1D         P         1S         P
  3C         P         3S         P
  4NT       P         5D**     P     **regular Blackwood – 1 Ace
  6S        All pass    

Reviewing the auction – you can tell that North has a (good) 18+ points, as the jump shift is GAME FORCING.  South has promised just one ace.  And we are in luck as the strong hand is about to become the dummy.  Since the strong hand is Over you, you decided to lead the H-A.  And here is what you see:

         Dummy (North)
         S – A K Q
         H – 9
         D – K Q 10 9 8
         C – A K 4 2

You (West)                                 Partner (East)
S - void
H – A 7 6 5 4                                H-8
D – 5 4 3
C – 10 9 8 6 5
--- After you lead the H-A and you see the singleton in dummy – partner plays the H-8.
What do you do next?

The interesting part is many players insist that if there is a singleton in dummy the card played is “suit preference”.  The H-8 is clearly a high card, does East want you to switch  to a Diamond (highest ranking of the other two suits?).  NOT very likely  - South has ONE Ace and you can see the other three – that H-8 is an encouraging card.  As it turns out East holds the S-J  8 2 and if you make dummy ruff with a high trump – East will win the S-J.  So you should not only discuss what the H-8 means with your favourite partner – but also use some deductive powers to figure what it really means.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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