M C & G  Bridge Studio   3-Apr-2016


TIP OF THE WEEK: A basic rule of counting is when the dummy hits the table, for the defender to count the points in dummy and then add that to the number of points figured from the opener. [In this day of aggressive bidding, give opener about 12 or 13 as a minimum hand].  Add these to your hand and then you have a pretty good idea what partner holds.  You have a better chance of coming up with good defense if you use this knowledge

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS  - this week we celebrate the Bridge Studios  18th ANNIVERSARY.  Congratulations to all of you we would not be as great as we are without YOU!   From me and Bill we want to thank all of the directors and teachers at the Studio - you  are the BEST!!

STAR WARS at the Bridge Studio   All week are Club Championship games.  All games come with special snacks, winner prizes, Club Championship awards.  Here is a quick review of the week (more attached)
- Monday  - 12:30 CC pairs - Galactic cookies, bring an alien.  7:00 Just Play Bridge - Aliens & house colours
- Tuesday - 12:30 & 7:00 CC Pairs - Ice Cream - features the Ice Planet 'Hoth' and Millenium Falcons
- Wednesday - 9:30 & 1:00 CC Pairs. 7:00 "8 is enough TEAM Game" - Ewoks, Bridge wisdom, light sabers.
- Thursday - 12:30 & 7:00 CC Pairs. Bring a POD or something from the underwater city of Gungan
- Friday - 9:30 & 12:30 CC Pairs - cloning, androids.  7:00 INDIVIDUAL Club Championship
- Saturday  12:30 - OPEN Team Game  - pre-game hotdogs, TWINS and Club Championship  -- Heart of Bridge Award
- Sunday - 12:30 OPEN Pairs - CC.  The Finale, trophies  for the winners, presentation of the plaque.
Can't remember which house your are  in?  click here to go to the Bridge Studio web page  for players and highlights.

   < Link to Bridge Studio's 18th Aniversary Week web page. >

Bridge in a Day was well received and we have lots of new students coming on Tuesday morning at 9:30 and Wednesday at 6:30. We have more players for our Monday "Just Bridge" game.
THURSDAY at 7:00 we are beefing up the game.  Jill be directing, and we are contacting some of our long lost players.  Come this week (Club Championship)  and see what we have in store for Thursdays.

The Auction has proceeded thusly:

North     East    South    West
  1D         P         1S         P
  3C         P         3S         P
  4NT       P         5D**     P     **regular Blackwood 1 Ace
  6S        All pass    

Reviewing the auction you can tell that North has a (good) 18+ points, as the jump shift is GAME FORCING.  South has promised just one ace.  And we are in luck as the strong hand is about to become the dummy.  Since the strong hand is Over you, you decided to lead the H-A.  And here is what you see:
         Dummy (North)
         S A K Q
         H 9
         D K Q 10 9 8
         C A K 4 2
You (West)                                 Partner (East)
S - void
H A 7 6 5 4                                H-8
D 5 4 3
C 10 9 8 6 5
--- After you lead the H-A and you see the singleton in dummy partner plays the H-8.
What do you do next?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Your right hand opponent opens the bidding with 1 Heart and you hold:
S - K Q J 9 8 3
H - 5
D - 8 4 2
C - J 10 7
What is your call?
 -- Your hand is not strong enough for a simple one level overcall, bid 2 Spades  - it has more of a pre-emptive effect!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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