M C & G  Bridge Studio   27-Mar-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: “Never ignore a LONG suit in dummy”.  Before you begin the play of any contract, check out dummy’s long suit to see whether it is usable – if there are enough entries to dummy to set the suit up then use it to discard losers from your hand.  Just do it!

Bridge Studio News: Come for the GAME / Come for the fun.  Our 18th Anniversary celebrations start NEXT week and the theme is - STAR WARS.
We will draw for Houses this week and they are:  "The Droids", "The Millennium Falcon", "The Stormtroopers" and "The Jedi".  For those  less familiar with this process EVERYONE  will be assigned a house  and NEXT week we all compete for both Masterpoints  and Spirit points.  The Winning team will have a plaque in their honour
Pick your team and join the FUN!!!   Star Wars Week information Attached.

- BRIDGE IN A DAY - This Saturday (April 2nd) 11:00 - 3:00.  Tell your friends - it is FREE
- Club Championship Game TODAY (Easter Monday) 12:30
- Wednesday at 7:00 will be an OPEN Stratified Game.  We were missing some players  last  week and hope they are back this week.  Just $6.00 per player AND there is LUCKY SCORE
- THURSDAY 7:00 -- this game is limited to beginner and advanced beginner players (Under 750).  Come and play, 24 boards, 3 hours.  Well run, and lots  of fun.
- TEAM GAMES - there are TWO team games for Anniversary Week - Wednesday NIGHT (7:00) is an "8 is enough" Club Championship Team game.  Saturday (9th) is an OPEN Club Championship team game.  Sign up sheet is at the Studio.

Know someone that might want to 'get in the game', but are too shy to come and play ---  bring them  on Saturday  (April 2nd) for a FREE Introduction to the game of bridge -- the class is FREE - muffins and snacks available,, Get in the Game!
-- Lessons for beginner & intermediate  will begin the week of April 4th - a full schedule will be available at the Bridge Studio.

Your right hand opponent opens the bidding with 1 Heart and you hold:
S - K Q J 9 8 3
H - 5
D - 8 4 2
C - J 10 7
What is your call?
  West    North    East    South
  Pass    pass      1H      4S
All Pass

       North  (dummy)
       S – 8 4
       H – K 8 6 5 4
       D – J 5
       C – A J 9 7
H – 3
       S – K Q J 10 9 6 5
       H – A Q
       D – Q 10 9 8
       C -  -----
Eddie Kantar always has some hands that are good for thought.  In this hand you must think, “what can go  wrong  and how can I  prevent it".  When you look at the lead  you should think about it – clearly the H-3 is a singleton and it seems extremely likely that West holds the S-A.  So how do you make the contract?
Since we know that the lead  of the H-3 is a singleton, and therefore when East wins the S-A, they will be  giving partner a ruff, we can prevent that from happening.  On the heart lead, win the KING in Dummy, then play the C-A -  discarding the useless H-A from hand.  Now you can ruff high when East tries to give  their partner a ruff.

RIVER CRUISE - This is NOT a Grand Slam Adventure Cruise, but Melanie has secured a "Group Rate" (we have a group of 11 to date).  There is a $1,000.00 airfare rebate only until MARCH 31,2016.  Prague to Budapest, along the Danube.  May 16 - 26, 2017.  Check it out  and call Melanie (902-865-6995) or ask for more info from the Bridge Studio.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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