M C & G  Bridge Studio   20-Mar-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: Some partnerships have the agreement that if they lead the Queen of a suit IN A NOTRUMP CONTRACT they want you to play the Jack if you have it.  This goes against our normal agreement that the lead of the Queen promises the Jack.  So if you are looking at the Jack of a suit you know something is up - play the Jack.  Partner likely holds something like: K Q 10 9 (3) and if you do not play the Jack then partner will believe that declarer has it and will play something else waiting for you to get in and return their suit.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We had TWO 70+% games this week so CONGRATULATIONS to - Valerie Bridsco and Marlene Dexter with a 71.06 game on Wednesday and Linda Keddy & Margaret MacDonald with 72.45%. Kudos to THE BRIDGE STUDIO - Celebrating their 18th Anniversary of hosting GREAT bridge in Halifax.  We have moved from having a TOTAL tables of bridge in 1997 of 1,946.5 per year to NOW in 2015 having 5,665 tables for the YEAR!!  But can we match 2012 when Halifax hosted 8,601 tables for the year!!!!

What is happening this week at the Studio:
- Tuesday March 22nd 7:00 - CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME -- extra masterpoints  - PRIZES - NO extra Cost!
- Thursday at 7:00 - interclub championship game - this is a LIMITED MASTERPOINT EVENT - and we are likely to have some ACBL winners (refer to the attached 499er game on the 8th). Lots of fun & the ability to win EXTRA masterpoints.

- Please NOTE - The Bridge Studio is CLOSED for Good Friday - March 25th.  OPEN with a Club Championship on MONDAY March 28th. Notes and Quizzes will still go out on Sunday March 27th.


The Auction:
  West    North    East    South
  Pass    pass       1H       4S
All Pass

       North  (dummy)
       S 8 4
       H K 8 6 5 4
       D J 5
       C A J 9 7
H 3
       S K Q J 10 9 6 5
       H A Q
       D Q 10 9 8
       C -  -----
Eddie Kantar always has some hands that are good for thought.  In this hand you must think, what can go  wrong  and how can I  prevent it.  When you look at the lead  you should think about it clearly the H-3 is a singleton and it seems extremely likely that West holds the S-A.  So how do you make the contract?

Solution to Last Week's quiz:

The auction:
   North    East    South    West
                  1S      Dbl.       4 S     
   Pass     pass     5H     all pass

         North (dummy)
        S 9 7 3
        H 9 8 6 5
        D Q J 4 2
        C 8 7
Lead:  S K                 East
                                     S A 10 8 4 2
                                     H A 4
                                     D 6 3
                                     C K Q 10 2

You only need to win THREE tricks to defeat this contract what is your  plan?

Answer: Most important to remember when one of the defenders sees what needs to be done to defeat a contract, JUST do it !!  East KNOWS that Declarer has at most ONE spade (when partner made a pre-emptive jump to 4 spades); so there is no more future in that suit.  Take control of the hand, overtake the King with the S A and put the C-K on the table.  You do not want South to discard all their clubs on the diamonds.  Do not even think about giving a suit preference signal just get the job done.

Danube River Cruise - May 16, 2016.  Group Excursion  with Kathie and Bill (NOT a Bridge Cruise --- even though there are some Bridge players cruising) attached is the information through Cruise Holidays.

See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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