M C & G  Bridge Studio   13-Mar-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK: The question is when to bid on after partner’s pre-emptive opener.  If partner opens the bidding pre-emptively and you have trumps and little for defense, if you wait too long to bid the opponents will find their fit.  So the right time to sacrifice is before the opponents have found their best contract.  If you have a weak hand with support for partner's pre-empt, raise defensively to whatever level you consider safe.  This action, known as an “advance sacrifice,” often will succeed in putting pressure on the opponents, and force them to guess at a relatively high level.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: CONGRATULATIONS to the Maritime team of: Jim Kirby, Jim Mathers, Bilgin Batman, Karl Hicks and Trisha & Gerardo Malazdrewicz - they WON the Canadian Bridge Federation ONLINE Open teams tournament!!  To see more detail go the CBF web site or click http://cbf.ca/canadian-online-team-championships/   Saturday's winners in the "Up the Ranks" were: Marilyn Bernardo, Linda Walker, Daniel Labrie & Mike Ross - congrats to all that played in this 16 table Team Game.  Watch for April's "Up the Ranks" 0-1000 team game. 

Last Week I congratulated Marilyn & Gerry Porter on the 70% game -- well it was really 79.2% - WOW!

This week is the Bridge Studio's 'official' 18 Anniversary so we have some Club Championship games for you:

Tuesday March 15th - 499ers only  - 12:30
Wednesday March 16th - OPEN $6.00 special - 7:00
Thursday March 17th - OPEN - 12:30 --- There will be cake!
Thursday March 17th - UNDER 750 only - 7:00 - More Cake!    Prizes for winners in each stratum for all these CC games.

Friday is the start of the Joe Currie Winter Sectional - game time for the afternoon session is 1:30.  For all you 99ers  - there will still be your special Friday morning game at 9:30.   

Please note The Bridge Studio is CLOSED for Friday afternoon and also on Good Friday March 25th.

STUDENTS OF THE GAME: It is time to prepare for Spring!   Spring lessons are just around the corner.  To start things off  we have a Bridge in a Day on Saturday April 2nd from 11:00 - 3:00.  It is FREE, brown bag lunch.  Tell your friends - or better yet, bring them along, it is a blast.

The auction:
   North    East    South    West
                  1S      Dbl.      4S
    pass     pass    5H      all pass

         North (dummy)
        S – 9 7 3
        H – 9 8 6 5
        D – Q J 4 2
        C – 8 7
                                        East (you)
Lead:                             S – A 10 8 4 2
 S – K                            H – A 4
                                      D – 6 3
                                      C – K Q 10 2

Your side needs THREE tricks to defeat the contract - where are they?

Solution to Last Week's quiz:
You are in 4H, and the opening lead is the S-J.  Plan your play.
     S – 9 8
     H – K 10 6 5
     D – K J 5 4
     C – 4 3 2

Lead: S – J

     S – A Q
     H – A J 4 3 2
     D – A Q 9
     C – K 7 6
The hand appears relatively simply. But here is a hand where counting your tricks is important. Clubs could be trouble, and you might have a club loser but you can discard a club on the 4th diamond.  Trumps is the first order of business – most players would follow the adage “eight ever, nine never”, but if trumps are 3-1, then East might have an opportunity to be able to lead clubs through your king, making it possible for you to lose THREE club tricks along with your trump loser.
To prevent any of this from happening – plan ahead – go to dummy and play a heart to your Jack, finessing through the danger hand.  If it loses to West, he cannot hurt you with a club return.

RIVER CRUISE - This is NOT a Grand Slam Adventure Cruise, but Melanie has secured a "Group Rate" (we have a group of 11 to date and it is a good rate!).  Prague to Budapest, along the Danube.  May 16 - 26, 2017.  Check it out   https://myluxurycruises.com/portfolio-items/emerald-waterways-river-cruise/   and call Melanie (902-865-6995) or ask for more info from the Bridge studio.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio



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