M C & G  Bridge Studio   14-Feb-2016

MONDAY  THE BRIGE STUDIO IS OPEN on Heritage Day - please use entrance by Doctor's office & Treats.
TIP OF THE WEEK: As declarer, you must never feel rushed into making your first play. . . even if dummy has a singleton in the suit led.  We shouldn’t call for a card from dummy until we’ve made a plan for the entire hand.  Take a moment to review the bidding and count your tricks, plan how to win extra tricks and most importantly – consider the order in which you plan to play the cards.

*******ROTARY CLUB Rollover - Get your number on your TOONIE - there was No winner  again last  week - new pot  worth $1900.00 +.
KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: KUDOS to everyone who played in today 22 table Bridge & Chocolate  (CWTC) game, lots of chocolate and lots of laughs ---and Congratulations to Mary MacKay, Rosemary Sampson, Susan Hubley and Adele Stewart as the BIG winners. The Canadian Bridge Federation hosted an online tournament last month and CONGRATULATIONS to Gerardo Malazdrewicz, Trish Malazdrewicz, Jim Mathers, Bilgin Batman, Jim Kirby and Karl Hicks - finishing 4th.  Also -- Trish Malazdrewicz, Rosemary Sampson, Liz Legacy & Kathie Macnab who finished second in the Women's division.  Good luck  to both  teams as you  enter the playoffs.
Speaking of CBF tournaments.  I hope everyone will consider attending the CBF Championships at the end of May.  I have attached a flyer.  Please note there  are  several GOLD point events especially  for the under 2500 players.  A National Event for under 1000 teams.  Ladies, get a team together and play in the Canadian Women's Team Championships -- they are GREAT!!

WHAT IS HAPPENING AT  THE BRIDGE STUDIO THIS  WEEK: Canadian Bridge Federation STaC Week - ALL Week long silver points to win.  $11.00 per game. Mis-print on the calendar - Thursday afternoon is also SILVER points.

STUDENTS OF THE GAME:   Liz and Kathie will be off on the high seas, The Hamilton's will be handling Monday's 'Just Play Bridge".  Come and play it is fun. You can ask for help and there is chocolate for the winners.
Come and Play on Thursday at 7:00.  We have lots of NEW Players and this Week is a SILVER POINT game.  This game is limited  to 750 masterpoints, but the majority of the players  are under 100.

You are the declarer and you are in your hand for the last and need to win four tricks with this combination of spades:
     S – A Q 10 2
     Declarer (you)
     S – J 9 3
In what order will you play the cards?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Your LHO opens the bidding with 1 club and your partner passes as does your RHO.  What is your call holding:
S – K J 6 
H – A 4
D – Q J 9
C – A Q 9 8

Answer:  Now that you and your partner have decided that to bid 1NT in the balancing you would be showing 11-14 (or 12-15).  This hand is a real 1NT bid (17HCP) and two stoppers in clubs.  Since a bid of 1NT  here would show fewer points  - you will start with a double and on your next turn you will bid 1NT.  Partner will understand that you had too much to balance with 1NT and have 15 – 18 and act accordingly.

NEXT WEEK I WILL BE IN CARTAGENA, COLUMBIA - I might not this your  weekly message  out, but I will! Grand Slam Adventures will be back on the 28th - so have fun while we are gone.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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