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It is with great sadness that I pass on the news that our dear friend the honourable Connie Glube has suffered a massive stroke.  She has been hospitalized and will not recover from this tragedy.  I know your prayers and mine are with her and her family.  I have spoken to the family and kindly request no visitors and they will let me know of any changes.

TIP OF THE WEEK:  An ‘attitude’ signal is more than whether you simply like the suit or not but also conveys the message whether or not our want partner to continue leading that suit.  There may be times when you have cards to mesh with partner’s lead but you want partner to lead something else.  For example,  partner leads the D-A (promises the king) and YOU have the D-Q your natural instinct is  to encourage - - BUT you have A Q 10 8 of clubs with K J 5 in the dummy --- ohhhhh you want a club lead.  Play a discouraging card and hope that partner does not ignore you and that he finds the right switch.  You win just beating dummy’s card, return the diamond to the King and another club through – you win the second club – ohh isn’t bridge grand.
        *******ROTARY CLUB Rollover - No Bridge Studio winner this week - ROLLOVER to $1750.00+  Get your Toonie in.  Don't know how to play?  Just ask the director!
KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you everyone for all your help on Saturday.  Lots of  great snacks and congrats to Jill & Steve 1st with 64.8%.  Flight C players Shirley McInnes & Linda Mills came 2nd E/W with 55.8%  Well done everyone.  TWO 70% games this week - Tuesday with 70.91% were Doug Connors and Margaret MacMurdo McMillian and on Friday morning Sharon Grant & Poly Sodhi had a whomping 75% game!!

WHAT IS HAPPENING AT  THE BRIDGE STUDIO THIS  WEEK: Another $10.00 week at the Bridge Studio
- The WEDNESDAY SPECIAL this week is just $6.00!!  Open Stratified.  A diverse field so everyone is encouraged to come and play.  A few Valentine treats for everyone.  The more the  merrier - let us make this game more interesting.
- FRIDAY MORNING 9:30 - A Charity Club Championship Game. $1.00 from each player will go to the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society.
LADIES - BRIDGE & CHOCOLATE! Saturday Feb.13th, we have 22 teams signed up for the game, the game is FULL.  The directors are ready and I know players are scouring their recipe books for a Chocolate treat.  This game is in support of the Canadian Bridge Championships (CWTC) that will be held in Toronto May 21-24.  This year's Canadian championships has added several Regionally rated games.  Championship run from May 21st to the 29th.  Get your teams organized and go play!
MONDAY FEBRUARY 15th - HERITAGE DAY.  The Bridge Studio will be  open for both the afternoon game and the evening "Just Play Bridge".

Anyone can drop in on any class - but please give the instructor a 'heads-up'.  Call the teacher or the Studio and come to the class. Just $15.00 for drop ins.  Check the website  for class  details.
Thursday at 9:30 - the final class  for this session of the KANTAR  THINKING BRIDGE SERIES.  This week - Third Hand Play!!  A little defense for everyone.

Nancy is still looking for players  to  fill up the tables on Thursday at 7:00. This is for inexperienced players/students and is a gentle game.  Nancy is a lot of fun and would love to have you come and give  her Thursday game a try.
   H 902-455-7719
   C 902-818-3315

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1 club and your partner passes as does your RHO.  What is your call holding:
    S – K J 6 
    H – A 4
    D – Q J 9
    C – A Q 9 8

Remember if you bid 1NT here partner will think you are 'balancing' with 12-15 (see below).  So what do you do?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
Your LHO opens the bidding with 1 club and your partner passes as does you RHO.  Your call in the balancing seat holding:
    S – K 9 6 4
    H – A 4
    D – 10 9 6
    C – A Q 9 8
What is your bid?
You know you must take some action, you do not want to sell out for 1C.  You do not have a 5-card suit to  bid and a double is not a good idea with only 2 hearts  and half your values in clubs.  This is why most players have adopted the “balancing 1NT”.  In the last seat (balancing chair) it is customary to balance with a less than opening bid in a suit, and with less than 15-17 in NT.  Here is a perfect time to bid 1NT.  Most partnerships agree on a range; 11-14 or 12-15 is most common. 
For a tutorial and quiz on Balancing NT - see Audrey Grants Bridge Column Oct. 18, 2015 #148

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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