M C & G  Bridge Studio   31-Jan-2016

TIP OF THE WEEK:   The adage is “Don’t waste an opportunity to open the bidding in third position” but be sure you are helping your partnership.  The GUIDELINE is you CAN open with a king less than an opener.  Guideline and can are the operable words.  If you open light in third seat you should be making a lead directional bid, and you have a hand that you can pass if partner choose to make a call of their own.  Therefore opening ‘1 Heart’ in third chair with J 8 5 4 3, it is not lead directional and if you have a singleton spade – well partner is going to bid that suit.
*******ROTARY CLUB Rollover - we have been waiting for a bridge player to win the Rotary Club Draw - and one ALMOST did - Janet Moulton missed out on the $1228.00 as she didn't get a chance to drop in her toonie.  Next Week the pot will be over $1,500.00. If you are going away, you can put advance payments in the little brown enveloped provided.  Don't miss out.
KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Last week we took a moment to thank all our players - we would not be here without you.  This week I want to give KUDOS to all the Bridge Studio directors - it is quite a job to keep the Studio games running smoothly - everyone should just take a second to thank you for all you do.

- Wednesday evening is a CHARITY CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME for just $7.00 per player. Extra masterpoints and a diverse field of players - come on out and have a good time.
- SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6th -- an ACBL Wide International Fund Game - This game is 1/2 RED points and $10.00 per player. Come early for a Continental brunch (Cousants, bagels, muffins, fruit)
LADIES - BRIDGE & CHOCOLATE! Saturday Feb.13th, we already have 19 teams and space is limited  to 22 teams.  I do have some players looking for team mates - so contact me to see if I can set you up. 902-443-4676 or kmacnab@eastlink.ca

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!  Thursday is practice day - 9:30am with Jill and 7:00pm with Nancy
   Hello fellow bridge students
   Dust off your brains (I personally use a shop-vac) and come back to the Bridge table.
   Pick your poison. You can play novice hands which you have already bid and played in lessons, or you can play randomly dealt hands from the afternoon game. No partner necessary and you may talk quietly and ask questions
   Thursdays, 7:00-9:00pm.
   Free - the first visit is free
   Health and Aces
   H 902-455-7719

   C 902-818-3315

​THURSDAY - Topics @ 9:30 with Kathie - This week - How the Declarer counts out a hand.  As a competent declarer you should have a good idea how to figure out what the opponents hold- Thursday I will uncover some of the secrets to "How  to Count the Hand"

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1 club and your partner passes as does your RHO.  Your call in the balancing seat holding:
         S – K 9 6 4
         H – A 4
         D – 10 9 6
         C – A Q 9 8
What is your bid?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
What’s You Call?  Your LHO opened the bidding with 1C and partner makes a takeout double. RHO passes.  What is your call holding:
           S – K Q 5 4
           H – A 10 6 3
           D – Q J
           C – 10 7 6
Solution:  You have enough values to be in game, and would like to play in your best Major suit fit.  Start with a cue bid of the opponent’s suit.  Partner will know you do not want to play there, and should deduce that you have the same length in both majors – your call is 2C.  Partner will start by bidding their four card suits up the line – you will eventually find the perfect fit.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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