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TIP OF THE WEEK:   Bridge is a timed event and it is a social game.   Come to the table with a smile on your face and say hello to your opponents.  It is helpful if after the auction North enters the contract while waiting for the player on lead to make their opening lead and then record the opening lead.  Or as dummy it is helpful to face your dummy after the opening lead and then tend to your paperwork.  You usually have lots of time because the declarer is busy forming their plan.  Play all your boards in the round and you will likely have time left over to have a nice chat with your table mates.  Keep hand discussion quiet.  If you had bid to a great slam, you don’t really want the next table to know about it.
*******ROTARY CLUB Rollover - get your Toonie ready.  The Pot this week is over $1,200.00 ********
KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: PLAYER APPRECIATION WEEK - Kudos to everyone especially to those who quietly help us with clean up during and after the games;  contribute to the Studio by bringing in coffee and snacks and speaking to the director politely, including calling "Director, Please".  Kudos to those who help promote and maintain a friendly atmosphere at the table.  We would not be who we are with you wonderful players.  Thank you.

WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO THIS  WEEK: Junior Fund games for three of our OPEN games -TRIPLE the masterpoints
- Tuesday 7:00 - $11.00 - OPEN Pairs
- Wednesday 7:00  - Wednesday night Special $7.00 and great adventures at the card table
- Friday 12:30 - $11.00 - OPEN pairs.
LADIES - get your teams together the Bridge Studio's annual Bridge & Chocolate which is on SATURDAY FEB. 13th (12:30).  A CWTC Event - with lots of RED points.  The highlight (other than fun bridge) is the Chocolate buffet with contributions from each team -- YUM!  Teams of Four - Women only - need help contact me - kmacnab@eastlink.ca  or Jill - jmariem@eastink.ca.   Signup sheet is ready and we are limiting the game to 22 teams.

THURSDAY EVENING PRACTICE PLAY - Nancy Fraser would like to invite all NEW player and students to her Thursday (7:00 PM) Practice game.  Please see attached.

Classes you can drop into:  Monday 7:00 & Tuesday 9:30 - Beginner Bridge Classes.  Monday 9:30 - Competitive Bidding or How to Play a Bridge Hand.  Tuesday 9:30 - Doubles.  Just Play Bridge Monday 7:00.  Practice Play Thursday 9:30am & 7:00pm

What’s You Call?  Your LHO opened the bidding with 1C and partner makes a takeout double. RHO passes.  What is your call holding:
          S – K Q 5 4
          H – A 10 6 3
          D – Q J
          C – 10 7 6

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:

You are sitting South and here is the auction:
South    West   North     East

  1C       pass     1NT     pass    

What do you know about partner’s distribution?  What call do you make if this is your hand?
          S – A Q 7 3
          H – 8
          D – K Q
          C – J 8 6 4 3 2
After your 1C bid partner’s priority is to bid a suit at the one level.  A response of 1NT would deny any 4-card  (or longer) major suit and likely even a 4-card diamond suit.  By this inference partner’s only 4-card or long suit is clubs.  You can confidently rebid your club suit putting the partnership in a ten-card fit.
(from Better Bridge Vol. 5 #3)

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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