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Please find another copy of the January calendar and lesson information attached.

In the beginning we learn all about counting our points – which is good way to start. Counting points, ours, dummy’s and then estimating what the opponents have.  But far more important is counting TRICKS.  Most declarers get wrapped up in “how many points” they have - and how many points partner bid on.  They forget to count their TRICKS.  When the bidding is over – you cannot change it – make your focus on how many tricks you can win, how to develop more and in several cases – how to lose less!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Thank you to everyone who attended the Bridge Studio Holiday Party  - congratulations to Daniel Labrie the winner of the INDIVIDUAL championship game, the winners of  the Pairs game - Jill McCormick and Steve  Anderson.  Our last game of the year was Thursday afternoon and the winners of that game were: John Moore and David  Chipman  - CONGRATULATIONS

2016 BEGINS with  Unit 194/230 Sectional Tournament at Clubs:
EVERY game this week offers SILVER points - and LOTS of them.  All games are Sectionally rated!! The Bridge Studio will be adding $1.00 to the regular fee for each of these games which will go directly to Unit 194.

January is chuck full of STaC games (more next week) and also some JUNIOR FUND GAMES  - January is JUNIOR FUND month so and $1.00 from each Junior Fund Game will be used for our Canadian Juniors!!

CBF NEWS - ​This Month the CBF is allowing everyone to sign into the website and read the latest edition of "Canada Bridge".  If you have not had the opportunity to see our slick new magazine visit the Canadian Bridge Federation web site.  Simply go to     www.cbf.ca

So much is happening for 2016 LESSONS - most classes begin the week of January 18th -- right after our FREE BRIDGE in a DAY PROGRAM  (Saturday Jan. 16).  Attached is lesson information.  For all of you our Advanced beginner and Intermediate  courses and also an attachment for you to give to pass on for BEGINNER COURSES!!
Have an interesting winter and take  some of our EXCELLENT classes.

Your RHO opens the bidding with 1-H and you make a Take-out Double  with the following hand. 
Your LHO passes and partner bids 1S.  NOW your RHO rebids 2-H!  What is your call?
Here is your hand:
      S – K 10 9 3
      H – 4
      D – K Q 8 2
      C – K 9 6 2

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
The Auction:
      West    North    East    South
       4S         P          P         5D
      All pass

The Opening lead was the S-K - Did you hastily play the S-Ace at trick one?  Here is the entire hand:
                North (dummy)
                S – A 7 6 2
                H – K 4 3
                D – 10 6 5
                C – 9 8 7
   West                                       East
S – K Q J 10 9 8 5 4              S – void
H – 10 8 2                              H – Q J 9 7
D -  void                                 D – 4 3 2
C – Q 6                                  C – K J 10 5 4 3
               South  (you declarer)
               S – 3
               H – A 6 5
               D – A K Q J 9 8 7
               C – A 2
As you can see – I am sure you are not surprised – in that East is void in Spades,  if you played your Ace on the first spade  - East ruffed and you are going down as you must lose a Heart and a club! But if you cleverly DUCKED the first spade, you can safely ruff  the second spade, NOW pull trump, over  to the dummy and play the S-A to discard a loser.  You must count some cards at TRICK ONE and not walked blindly into a mis-play!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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