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BRIDGE STUDIO HOLIDAY PARTY - Sunday December 27th - 2:00 and 7:00.  Our gift and thank you to everyone for a wonderful 2015, and looking at another year of interesting bridge and interesting friends.
- 2:00 is our Individual Game, Club Championship - NO partner necessary - always fun and we have lots of prizes.
- 5:00 Pot Luck Dinner, featuring Homemade Chili and Soup and the rest is up to you.  Bring your leftovers, enjoy the company. There will be some wine & beer for sale or bring your own.
- After dinner - dessert and bridge BINGO
- 7:00 - Club Championship Pairs Game.  If you need a partner, we can find you one.

Going into 2016 – learn to track your results – it helps.  Pianola is very useful for that or get a calendar and make some notes. If you are interested in improving your game, even just a little bit spend a few minutes after a game, go on the website and look at your results.  Look at the hands that appear normal where you scored poorly to figure out what went wrong.  Do you know that most bad scores are from slipping just one trick, either on play or on defense?   If you can’t find your error, save the hand and ask someone to help you.  Jill and I are always getting emails from players wondering why they could not make 10 tricks like everyone else, or how they could not bid the game everyone else did!  Was it a partnership misunderstanding?  Did you open weak, and then pass a forcing bid out of fright?  Did you not bid slow enough to get the whole picture?  It is not conventions that fixes these errors but stepping back and looking at the whole puzzle.  Keeping track and going over those simple errors will help prevent you from doing them again!!

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: WOW - Monday night Karen O'Driscoll and Sandra MacDonald had a 79.17% game - Congratulations!! Monday night is for the new to bridge players.  NO masterpoints and you can ask questions - and best of all you can win CHOCOLATE!!

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO: Here are our last games of 2015:

Sunday is the PARTY - hope to see you all there!!
Monday Regular pairs game in the afternoon.  Cookies and egg nog. Monday evening - JUST PLAY BRIDGE.  Come and play cards, have some Christmas cookies and chocolate and some warm cider.
Tuesday 12:30 is an Inter-Club Championship - remember your scores will go into the overalls and you might be the recipient of MEGA points!       Tuesday  7:00 - Regular Duplicate
Wednesday: 9:30 Enjoy a morning of bridge - 9:30 duplicate.  1:00 our 0-300 game. ​ And 7:00 the LAST C.O.P.C. qualifier - triple (RED) points for the year still just $6.00
Thursday: 9:30 PRACTICE PLAY, come for the fun of it, Jill has her TIP of the WEEK then play some hands.  LAST GAME OF 2015 - 12:30 Regular Duplicate - some chocolates for the winners!!​
Take a look on the attached calendar - what a way to chase away those cold weather blues, than tons of bridge in a nice warm Bridge Club - and we start this year with a SILVER POINT EVENT!!

Come to the party - what a great time to meet some of the players, at the individual you can have a hand or two with one of our PROS!   Looking for lessons -- The "Bridge in a Day" workshop for Beginners will be given on January 16th.  Other lessons start mid-January check it out on the attached calendar.

The Auction:
West    North    East    South
 4S         P          P         5D
All pass
                North (dummy)
                S – A 7 6 2
                H – K 4 3
                D – 10 6 5
                C – 9 8 7
Lead  S – K
               South  (you declarer)
               S – 3
               H – A 6 5
               D – A K Q J 9 8 7
               C – A 2
You need to win 11 tricks – therefore you can only lose two tricks.  Plan your play.

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
We posed a simple question - the answer is not a CONVENTION it is what is called - A bridge bid!
You opened the bidding with 1S and your LHO bid 1NT, partner now bids 2D.  Is that bid forcing?  Why or why not?
This bid is NOT FORCING! After an opponent interferes with NoTrump we have a lot of information, partner’s bid of 2D is suggesting a safe place to play.  If partner had a good hand, and a good suit – partner would DOUBLE and take advantage of Penalty Points. 

We wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2016,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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