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Bill & I would like to take a moment to wish everyone the VERY best of the Holiday Season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
We also invite EVERYONE to our Holiday Party.  Sunday December 27th.  It is the Bridge Studio's annual party and it is our gift to you - NO game fees.

First game is an Individual beginning at 2:00 - NO partner is needed.  It is always fun and a time to meet all sorts of interesting people.
Then our Famous POTLUCK Dinner, with chili compliments of Jill and Kathie.  We hope everyone will be able to contribute something, be it an appetizer, salad, bread, dessert or whatever strikes your fancy.
Over dessert be ready for a rousing game of Bridge BINGO - prizes for winners and even for those that try hard!
Rounding out our evening with a Pairs Club Championship Game (7:00).  If you do not have a partner - not  to worry you will likely meet someone in the afternoon or play with Bill or I.
Come and join the Festivities.  We will have some hot cider, egg nog and maybe a glass of wine.
So after all that shopping, Santa's visit and the turkey is done.  Come and relax and enjoy a Holiday Party.

Did you know that in a TEAM GAME, experienced players will bid a slam whenever there’s a 50/50 chance.  In pairs games however, they like better odds.  But whatever scoring, you and your partner want to be able to share as much information as possible to assess your slam prospects.  Ace asking (Blackwood) is one method, Cue bidding is much more accurate.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We had ANOTHER 70% game this week - actually 74.33% - Congratulations to Keith & Julia Taylor!!  Kudos to all that played in our Saturday CNTC game - Everyone contributed to a very pleasant afternoon of bridge - and the winners were:  Jim Mathers, Scott Macdougall, Rosemary Sampson & Jill McCormick.

WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE STUDIO: 'Tis a few days till Christmas and all through the Bridge Studio we have rustlings of cards.  Egg Nog is in the fridge and the cider will be on the stove, FUN to be had for you and your pards.

WEDNESDAY DEC. 23rd will be a TEAM GAME.  Time is running out to qualify for the Canadian Finals in Toronto - so come and play. Put your teams together, if you need players - please let me know.  I will have some players to jump in at the last minute if someone comes without a team.  It is the LAST game before Christmas and our Holiday Party.  And the cost of the game is still just $6.00 per player
HOLIDAY PARTY - Sunday Dec. 27th 2:00 & 7:00 - - - Play for FREE!!

Over the holiday season is a great time to join in any of our games.  Newbies - come and try a regular game - you will be glad you  did.  Students that have been too nervous to try one of may limited games - now  is the time to give it a try - we are all in the holiday spirit.

You opened the bidding with 1S and your LHO bids 1NT, partner now bids 2D.  Is that bid forcing?  Why or why not? 

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
You open the bidding with 1H, and LHO overcalls 1S, partner bids 2H and RHO bids 2S.  What is your rebid holding:
         S – J 8
         H – A Q 10 7 4
         D – Q 9 7 3
         C – A K
A bid of 3H would be competitive and likely passed by partner.  Your hand is wonderful - provided partner has a diamond honour  or shortness.  So try a bid of 3D.  It might surprise partner but the one thing to remember is that you have bid and raised hearts – that is where you are playing this hand.  The bid of 3D is looking for help in diamonds to be able to bid a game contract in hearts.
(Audrey Grant’s -Better Bridge  Vol. 19 #6 – pg 17)

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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