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Leading partner's suit. If your partner has bid a suit and you have raised it (1H - 1S - 2H - 2S all pass) and you are on lead.  If you have an honour in partner's suit lead LOW.  If you do not have an honour, lead the TOP card in the suit.  Partner KNOWS you have three card support, as you have supported the suit.  If you have NOT supported partner's suit - be kind lead low from three or more, do not mislead partner into thinking you have a doubleton.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Proceeds from the Calcutta for Soul's Harbour were $835.00, I have also sent along an additional $200.00 from the CBF making the bridge donation of over $1,000.00.  Thank you to everyone who helped out.   Best game this week goes to Maxine Cordon and Trish Aubut with 71.11% CONGRATULATIONS. KUDO's to Jill for running her 16 table 'Up the Ranks' Team game on Saturday and the winners were: Linda Walker, John Nancekivell Daniel Labrie and Michael Ross.  We hope you all will be thinking of  playing in the CANADIAN under 1000 in Toronto in May 2016 -- all that have qualified are eligible to play in this CANADIAN prestigious game.


Come and Play on Wednesday 7:00 - this week we have a "Take a Break" Club Championship Game - extra masterpoints, eggnog, and prizes for the winners - all for just $6.00 for everyone!! 
I/N Players have TWO special games this week -- Tuesday at 12:30 the "Time to Unwind" Club Championship game - special treats, extra masterpoints and Prizes for the winners. 
Thursday at 7:00 - an Interclub Championship game, because this is a limited game your scores will have a special category in the ACBL overalls and likely to triple your masterpoints!! 
Friday the 18th at 12:30 - Club Championship "I am done with Christmas Shopping" - have some Christmas cookies and warm cider enjoy your game and relax, Christmas is almost here.
C.N.T.C. TEAM GAME - Saturday the 19th - just half the day - 12:30 - 4:30. We will have appetizers, and Christmas Cheer.  If you are looking for a Team - call in or email me at kmacnab@eastlink.ca

YOU ARE INVITED!! to the BRIDGE STUDIO HOLIDAY PARTY - Sunday December 27th -- we have two games:
At 2:00 we have an individual game, no partner needed - all LEVELS of players are invited to come and have some fun. It is party bridge at its best!!  After the game we will have a 'potluck' dinner (bring your leftovers) Jill and Kathie will make a Chilli, and I hear some home made soup will be coming as well - Bring anything you want - appetizers, salad or dessert - it is POTLUCK!  If we have time before the 7:00 game we will play a little "Bridge Bingo".  Always fun and lots of prizes to give away!!  At 7:00 we have a PAIRS Club Championship game. 

Games recommended for the "New-to-Duplicate":
Monday - 7:00 - Just Play Bridge" - no masterpoints win chocolate, only 12 or 14 hands. Beginner
Tuesday -12:30 - Under 500, duplicate game.  Intermediate
Wednesday 1:00 - Under 300, duplicate game. Advancing beginner
Thursday 7:00 – Under 750, duplicate game. Intermediate
Friday 9:30 AM - Under 100, duplicate game (18 boards only) Beginner
Try your first OPEN game - On Wednesdays, great times to play are 9:30 am or 7:00 at night.  These games have a very diverse field.

This week's Bridge Quiz:
You open the bidding with 1H, and LHO overcalls 1S, partner bids 2H and RHO bids 2S.  What is your rebid holding:
         S – J 8
         H – A Q 10 7 4
         D – Q 9 7 3
         C – A K

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
You open the bidding with 1NT, and partner ‘invites game’ with 2NT – what is our bid holding:

         S – Q 9 5
         H – A 10
         D – K Q 9 6 3
         C – A 8 3

What is your call?

It appears that with only 15 HCP you should pass, but look again.  You have honours in every suit, great intermediate cards, and a FIVE card diamond suit, which you can add an extra point for.  Be brave, go for the game!!  This does not mean that EVERY 15 point hand or even EVERY 16 point hand should blast to game -- but try to decide if your CARDS are game worthy!

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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