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TIP OF THE WEEK:   Remember this phrase -- "BALANCE OF POWER".  In an auction when you KNOW your side has more values (not just high card but playing points) think about who owns the hand.  So partner opens a suit (13+ points) and an opponent overcalls 1NT! and YOU hold 8 or more HCP -- your side hold at least 21 HCP - the ”BALANCE OF POWER". If you have distribution - bid a suit.  If you have just HCP (8+) - 'DOUBLE' your side should defeat the contract based on the "BALANCE OF POWER"

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS -- Kudos first to Gerry Callaghan who made for a GREAT auction for the Friday night Charity Calcutta Fund Raising game for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission. And Congratulations to Steve Anderson who purchased the Mathers/Labrie pair who won the event. But then Wake Collins has enough foresight to buy his own partnership (Wake & Steve) for the second slice of pie. Congratulations to all that played - you could do no wrong!!

More Kudos to Linda Meldrum who was the 'fill in director' and major hostess and clean up committee.  Thank you Linda. But I want to THANK everyone who participated.  We raise at least  $775.00 for Soul's Harbour -- thank you everyone.   -*-*-*-*- Looking for some feed-back -- did you enjoy the game or what can I do to improve it.  ALL comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.  If I do this again - what to do to improve it and get more tables -- ALL comments appreciated - kmacnab@eastlink.ca.

Wednesday at 7:00 - we  have a COPC game - this is for RED points and TRIPLE points - Just $6.00 for this great game.
Saturday is our Christmas Up the Ranks Team Game - 12:30 --  need a partner? team? contact Jill  -- jmariem@eastink.ca

BRIDGE STUDIO HOLIDAY PARTY - Sunday December 27th -- we have TWO games - at 2:00 we have an individual (party bridge style) -- it is always fun with students, advancing and expert players - it is a party and it is bridge - come for the fun.  Best of all - it is MY GIFT to you - Charity Club Championship games and NO PLAYING FEES - The 2nd game is a pairs game starting at 7:00.

There are a couple of Canadian National Team Games - Club Qualifiers in December - (1) flight C - December 12th --- flight C only.  (2) December 19th - Open single session and (3) December 23rd - WEDNESDAY Stratified/Open 7:00

You took the lessons - now you should come and play (More lessons in January) -- games recommended for 'new to the game':
Monday 7:00 - "Just Play Bridge" - NO clock, NO masterpoints, ASK questions, have fun, 12 - 14 boards, and win some chocolate.   ----  Liz will give her "Pearl of Wisdom" at 6:45

Limited games are Tuesday at 12:30(0-500), Wednesday at 1:00 (0-300), Thursday at 7:00 (0-750) and Friday at 9:30  (0-100)

Wednesday at 9:30 or 7:00 - OPEN duplicate.  Yes we have a clock, 24 hands only, diverse field, masterpoints and the game.
Thursday 9:30 - PRACTICE PLAY - Jill will give a tip on hand from a previously played game.  Time to practice and ask all your questions.
Thursday - 7:00 - mini lesson - this week we are looking at the Do's and  Don'ts of Responder.  Limited to players with fewer than 750 Masterpoints, game ends by 10:00 pm

You open the bidding with 1NT, and partner ‘invites game’ with 2NT – what is your bid holding:
      S – Q 9 5
      H – A 10
      D – K Q 9 6 3
      C – A 8 3
What is your call?

***Solution to Last Week's quiz:
You and your partner have bid to 4S (no interference), the opening lead is the C-Q.  How do you want to proceed to win your 10 tricks?
      North (dummy)
      S – J 6 5
      H – 9 8 6
      D – 9 5
      C – 9 7 4 3 2
      South (you)
      S – A K Q 10 7 2
      H – A K 10
      D – K 7 4
      C – A
So it may appear easy – but ask yourself – what could go wrong??

Answer  I have come across this hand twice, but two different authors, my first encounter was from an A. Grant book that presented it as an optical illusion.
Your first instinct is to go to dummy with your only entry - the S-J and lead a low diamond to your King.  Let's say, that does not work (you already complain that none of your finesses work anyway, so why did you try).  Now East returns a spade – you win and play another diamond to try and eliminate them to get a diamond ruff in dummy.  But alas, the opponents win the second diamond and lead a third trump and now you are stuck with a diamond loser.  The D-K is an illusion – you will make the hand easily if that King was a 2, you would have played diamonds right away to get that ruff in dummy.  Ohh what could go wrong just did.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday

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