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Well here we are - December.  Let us be the first to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

Our December calendar is attached.  Please mark your calendar for all the wonderful events and parties we have planned.

We have LOTS of tickets left for the Friday event Fundraising Calcutta.  Please read the attachment from Gerry Callaghan explaining the event and please either get a partner to come and play or put your name in the draw -- We want it to be a fun experience for everyone and buy lots of dinners for the patrons at Soul's Harbour.



Duplicate bridge is very transparent.  So please remember that when explaining the significance of a partner’s call – you should disclose all special information conveyed to you through partnership agreement or partnership experience.  You do not have to disclose inferences drawn from general bridge knowledge and experience.  Also if an opponent asks about specific carding; you are required to state the specific information by a play of a card which is relevant to partnership agreement.  If the meaning of a bid or play has not been discussed, “no agreement” or "undiscussed” is the proper response.  Also: “Standard” or the name of a convention is NOT a proper answer.


KUDO'S & CONGRATULATIONS -- ​Congrats to the FIRST place team at Saturday's STRATIFIED CNTC game - 1st overall - Art Donahoe, Kristie Misener, Peter Rans & Hind Blick.  2nd overall went to John Olsen, Carole Anne Patterson, Don Lutz & Marlene Dexter -- Well Done!!  Wednesday at the CNTC Master/Non-Master game winner were -- Tom Travis, Alan Stern, Del Knox & Scott McDougall - another fine performance.   KUDOS​  to Gerry Callaghan - who has volunteered his time to do the auction at the Calcutta this Friday night.  To understand more of what a Calcutta auction/fundraiser is please read the attachment.



Moving into the Holiday Season  - we have a Canadian Open Pairs - Club Qualifier game this WEDNESDAY at 7:00 - these games are all RED points and TRIPLE the standard award. 

----  Pro-Am Calcutta. Friday 4-Dec 6:00pm.  We have tweeked the conditions of contest and are really hoping to have many more players signed up by FRIDAY!!  ​You may make your own partnership arrangements - BUT you must have a Master/Non-Master partnership.​  The amount to go to Soul's Harbour from the Calcutta Pool will be 20% of the intake.  As well the prizes for the winning pairs will be, in each direction -- THREE Free Plays for 1st place, TWO Free Plays for 2nd place and ONE free player per person for 3rd place in EACH direction.  That will be a total of 24 FREE plays.  We will then be buying THREE dinners from every entry for the patrons at Soul's Harbour.  ​So plan your FIRST Christmas party to be one of giving fun and some bridge.   6:00 for cocktails, followed by the DRAW, then the Auction and finally a game of bridge.  ​What a better way to give back to the community and have some fun while helping others.



You and your partner have bid to 4S (no interference), the opening lead is the C-Q.  How do you want to proceed to win your 10 tricks?
          North (dummy)
         S – J 6 5
         H – 9 8 6
         D – 9 5
         C – 9 7 4 3 2
         South (you)
         S – A K Q 10 7 2
         H – A K 10
         D – K 7 4
         C – A
So it may appear easy – but ask yourself – what could go wrong??



Lately it seems that trumps never break well and our plan A needs backup.  Here is one of my favourites from Audrey Grant’s 2/1 book to which you have to plan ahead.
In this deal South bids up to 6 spades.  You receive the H-K lead.  It appears that you have 12 tricks, but what if something were to go wrong – what are your preventative steps?

          North (dummy)
         S – A 9 7
         H – A J
         D – 6 5 4
         C – K Q J 8 6

          South (you)
         S – K Q 10 8 6 3
         H – 7 4 2
         D – K Q
         C – A 5

Answer – If  you win the H-A and play the S-A (typical play) you will not make this contract, as it happens WEST holds  all  four spades, which includes the S-J!.  How to prevent this tragedy is  to follow the rule that when playing a suit and you have TWO of the top honours in one hand and just ONE in the other – Start with the hand with TWO.  If you play the S-K first and notice the bad trump break – it is easy to recover by playing LOW toward the A & 9.
How they got to a great slam on just 29HCP is another story – watch for the upcoming 2/1  workshop.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday

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