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Try to have a convention card, filled out and at your table for each game.  Even if you and your partner have very few agreements or conventions – you should have a card that shows that.  I recommend that you have a card, so you can take a quick review before your game to remember what you and your partner have agreed upon.  But remember a player may not consult their convention card or system during the auctions or play periods, but the opponents can.  Also that when your side has made an “alertable” bid the partner of the bidder simply says “Alert”, the opponent, at their turn to bid may inquire as to the alert.  If they do not ask you do not tell.

​KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Another 70%er! Congratulations to Steve Anderson & Jim Mathers with a 73.93% game. And ​Kudos ​to the EIGHTEEN teams on Saturday's "Up the Ranks" - winning team: Peter Rans, Cynthia Burney, Diane Livingston and John Olsen. Christmas "Up the Ranks" game is December 12th.


- Monday (23rd) @ 12:30 - Canadian Pairs Game - RED / TRIPLE points
- Wednesday (25th) Canadian TEAM GAME - Master/Non-master.  Each team must have at least TWO Non-Life Masters and may have TWO Masters.   Need help forming a team - let me know kmacnab@eastlink.ca
- Thursday (12:30) Club Championship Game - Prizes for winners in each Stratum.
- Friday 9:30 am - our 99er game is off to a great start and to celebrate we will be having a "Club Championship" game. Chocolate prizes for the winners in each stratum!!
- SATURDAY NOV. 28TH - OPEN TEAM Game - Canadian National Teams - stratified game.  Lots of points and  lots of fun, get your team together and come and play!!  12:30


The Bridge Studio Pro/Am Calcutta - Friday December 4, 2015.  This is a charity event and intended to be a fun/social evening while raising money for Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission.  Tickets are on sale now at the Studio, get yours this week.  Email to follow with more detail on what this event is about, and how you can come and have fun, play bridge and contribute to a worthwhile cause.


Drop in Monday at 7:00 for Bridge Basic Review or Play in our "Just Play Bridge" group.  Liz will have her "Pearl of Bridge Wisdom", there will be something to challenge yourself with and of course lots of smiles.
Thursday at 9:30 am - PRACTICE PLAY with Jill.  Bridge Tip, play some bridge and relax.
Thursday at 7:00 - advancing beginner bridge practice  and review with Bev.
Friday at 9:30 - a game just for you.  Our NEW 99er duplicate bridge game.  Just 18 boards, 2 1/2 hours.  Win your first masterpoints.  This week is a Club Championship!!
Thursday at 7:00 game time and done by 10:00.  6:45 a bridge tip with Kathie.  We had 7 tables last week and welcomed a lot of new players  to the game.  It is easy and it is fun, come and play.


This Week's Bridge Quiz:
Lately it seems that trumps never break well and our plan A needs a backup.  Here is one of my favourites from Audrey Grant’s 2/1 book to which you have to plan ahead.
In this deal South bids up to 6 spades.  He gets the H-K lead.  It appears that you have 12 tricks, but what if something were to go wrong – what are your preventative steps?

          North (dummy)
         S – A 9 7
         H – A J
         D – 6 5 4
         C – K Q J 8 6

    South (you)
         S – K Q 10 8 6 3
         H – 7 4 2
         D – K Q
         C – A 5

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
South opens 2NT and North bids 3NT. You are on lead and lead the S-Q. Dummy is faced and what is your plan?
                      S – 6 4 3
                      H – 6 2
                      D – A J 10 6 5
                      C – 7 5 4
West (you)
S – Q J 10 8 7
H – Q 10 7 5
D – K 3
C – 8 6

Answer:   You have lead the S-Q, low from dummy and partner plays low, declarer wins the S-K.  Now Declarer plays a low diamond toward dummy – what do you do?

Declarer has about 25 HCP (20+5) and you have 8 leaving partner with about 6 or 7.  Your goal here is to prevent declarer from the source of tricks that are in the dummy – the diamonds.   You can hope partner has the D-Q and will prevent declarer from too many diamond tricks.  Play your D-K, if partner has 3 diamonds with the Queen – declarer can only get at the most 2 tricks in that suit.  Now you might have a chance at your spades or hearts.  If declarer ducks your D-K , play J-S.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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