M C & G  Bridge Studio   15-Nov-2015

​TIP OF THE WEEK:  Winter is  around the corner and so is flu season.  The Bridge Studio is equipped with THREE hand sanitizers - one by the front door, one by the back door and one by the coffee pot.  It is helpful if you get in the habit of using them. We also have personalized sanitizers on the supply desk that you are welcome to take to your table.  We have lots of tissues as well.  There is a container with disinfectant wipes on the supply table for feel free to take a cloth and wipe around your table, bid box and bridge mate.  And don’t forget to get your flu shot – Shoppers Drug Mart right in the mall can do it free of charge. 

Underground parking – we are trying our best to have security come over after game time to unlock the garage (they lock up the mall at 9:00pm).  Be sure to inform the evening director if you are parked underground.  If you wish you can wait on a bench in the mall and Security will come and collect you and take you to your car.  Take a card with the Mall security number and Bridge Studio stamp on it and keep it in your window.   

​KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: Another 70%er!  Congratulations to Sheila Baird & Fred Angus with a 71.71% game.  And I must correct an error - LAST week I congratulated Rosemary Sampson & Mary MacKay - and it should have been Rosemary Sampson and ​Kristie M​isener - with 71.13% [sorry Kristie]
Kudos to well over 60 of our players who attended Jill's multi-level workshop on Saturday.  They all have discovered how much more (and more fun) bridge is when you use your logic to pick up on the clues provided for you from the bidding and play.  Bridge is SO​ much more than memorizing the bidding 'rules' and winning your aces and kings.  Well Done!

STaC Week - District 1 STaC offering SILVER POINTS for everyone.
- Tuesday Nov. 17th - 12:30
- Wednesday Nov. 18th - 7:00
- Friday Nov. 20 - 12:30
- Saturday Nov. 20th - 12:30 [Up the Ranks Team Game 0-1000] contact Jill jmairem@eastlink.ca


Canadian National Team Championships Master/Non-Master Game.  Each team must have TWO non-life masters on the team. Masters play Masters & NLMs play NLMs (Wednesday Nov. 18th 7:00)
Canadian Naitonal Team Championships - Club Qualifier - Stratified C= 0-1000; B= 1000-2500; A= OPEN (Sat. Nov. 28th 12:30)
The Bridge Studio Pro/Am Calcutta - Friday night Fundraiser for Soul's Harbour Resuce Mission.  Friday December 4th - 6:00 for cocktails.   Details & Tickets will be ready for Tuesday November 17th.


Our lesson sessions for the fall are all completed.  But Nancy will be holding some practice opportunities for the Beginner players, Monday 7:00 - Drop-ins are welcome $12.50

Bev will also have some special practice from her Bridge Basics Review-the students has asked for some more review on special topics. Thursday 7:00

It is fine to take the classes and read the books but you must go and practice. The Bridge Studo has ample opportunity for that.

Thursday at 9:30 am - Practice Play. Playtime preceeded with a tip that has produced itself from errors discovered at the tables.
Monday 7:00 - 'Just Play Bridge' - Have you just finished classed? Are you new to duplicate?  We start playing each week at 7:00 and the game ends at 9:00. Each game is preceeded (6:45) with a Pearl of Wisdom from Liz.
Thursday 7:00 - This game is designed as the next step after 'Just Play Bridge'. Players with limited experience are invited to the game of 21-24 hands. The limit of the game is 750 masterpoints, but the vast majority have fewer than 300.  Full duplicate game with masterpoints, a clock and a director.  Come early for the Mini-lesson by Kathie  - this week we discuss Doubles - what is penalty and what is takeout!
Friday 9:00 - This morning game is for new players and restricted to players with fewer than 100 masterpoints. A great way to dive into duplicate!

This week's Bridge Quiz:
South opens 2NT and North bids 3NT.  You are on lead and lead the S-Q.  Dummy is faced and what is your plan?
              S – 6 4 3
              H – 6 2
              D – A J 10 6 5
              C – 7 5 4
 West (you)
S – Q J 10 8 7
H – Q 10 7 5
D – K 3
C – 8 6

You have lead the S-Q which partner plays low and declarer wins the S-K. Declarer now leads a low diamond to the dummy - what do you do?

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
  Here is your hand:
   S – K 5
   H – 4
   D – A 9 8
   C – A K Q 9 8 7 5
The auction:
North     East    South    West
  1C          P         1H         P
   ? Your Call?

Answer:  You have a very strong hand and probably 8 sure tricks.  You expect to win a trick in partner’s hand or your S-K, which is NINE tricks.  If you simply bid 3C – that is not forcing and might be passed.  Make a jump to 3NT which is game and gives the opponents the least amount of information to plan their defense.  Partner should take you for long clubs and 17+ points and 8 playing tricks.  Some partnerships might make a fake reverse - but that is complicated.  Just bid 3NT.

See you at the tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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