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When the dummy is faced and the Declarer is “making their plan” - as defender it is time for you to make your plan as well.  Can you see where declarer will take their tricks?  Do you see a source of tricks for your side?  Will declarer be taking a finesse – decide now whether you should duck or play high, and be ready for the play. How many points does your partner likely have?  EVERYONE should be forming a plan when the dummy comes down – not just declarer!!

​KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: We had TWO more 70%ers this week - Congratulations to Mary MacKay and Rosemary Sampson on Monday with 71.13 and to  Bill Halliday and Bill Cruden with 70.83 on Thursday.  Kudos ​to Brian Ferguson, Joanne Horne, Hazel Harlow, Jean Cooke, Marilyn Bernardo, Carole Anne Patterson and Barb Fader for helping with 50/50 tickets  at the Sectional tournament.  You all were wonderful (hope I did not forget anyone).  Now I am just waiting to hear from the many others that are going to volunteer for the next Fall Sectional.

I have attached a list of all that should be done.  Bill and I will help out anyone that wants to take this on.  There are several SMALL tasks that if they are all taken care of - then the tournament will be a fun and pleasant experence  for everyone.  Take a look and let me know if anything here strikes your fancy!


Today MONDAY we have a Club Championship game!!

​Canadian OPEN Pairs game on Friday at 12:30 - RED points (& triple)

WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 11th - Remembrance Day - the Bridge Studio is CLOSED UNTIL 12:30 pm.  NO  Morning Game! We are open for the 299er game at 1:00.

​                                    The Bridge Studio's 18th Annual Memorial Game
                                         Wednesday November 11th  at 7:00
                                       UpGraded Charity Club Championship
                  An opportunity to remember all those who have left our tables this year.
                                Appetizers & wine preceding the game, game time 7:00

​Mark the Date and Watch for Details - FRIDAY DECEMBER 4th - Pro/Am Calcutta and Charity Game.      ​Random partnership Life Master / Non-Life Master.  Auctions to purchase pairs, bridge game (21  boards), cash prizes and donations for Soul Harbour Rescue Mission.  Festivities begin at 6:00 with wine and appetizers.  Draw at 6:20 followed by the Auction!  An exciting event for all bridge players, young, old, new and experienced!!  Mark the Date!!


​Beginner Bridge - Monday at 9:30 & 7:00 - "Bid your longer minor suit with nothing else to do!"
Advancing Beginner - How to take more tricks as Declarer - Monday 9:30
Bridge Basic Review -- BIG HANDS AND SLAM STUFF - Thursday 7:00
BRIDGE WORKSHOP -- Saturday Nov. 14th 11:00 - 2:30. Enhancing your declarer skills how to draw conclusions and interpreting clues as declarer. To register contact Jill - jmariem@eastlink.ca


Here is your hand:
         S – K 5
         H – 4
         D – A 9 8
         C – A K Q 9 8 7 5
The auction:

North     East    South    West
  1C        P         1H         P
  Your Call?

​Solution to Last Week's Quiz:

You have the following:
         S – 4
         H – A K
         D – A Q J 9 7 6 3
         C – A 10 5

You open 1D and partner responds with 1H. What is your rebid? 

Answer: You want to force another bid from partner.  Bidding 3D can be passed, you only have 2 hearts, and you can’t risk notrump with no Spade control.  Time to be creative.  Bid 3C – this is a jump shift and is game forcing.  Partner must make another call.  If partner has a  spade control they will likely bid 3NT; if partner has 6 hearts for a 3H rebid, you can bid 4H.  If partner bids clubs, go back to diamonds.  This bid is a bit of a lie (a fake jump shift) and if you want to make a small lie it is best to make it in a minor suit – not a major suit.

Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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