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Control of the boards at each table.  The Laws of Duplicate Bridge state: "Any contestant remaining at a table throughout a session is primarily responsible for maintaining proper conditions of play at the table". The Boards are everyone’s responsibility but a stationary pair is more responsible than others.  Bridge etiquette suggests that North is responsible for proper observance of all procedures and for maintaining proper conditions of play at the table.  Even though North is often responsible for turning the boards, the other players may assist with permission.

​KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Congratulations to Bill Ellis & Susan Hill-Ellis for their 76.5% ​game on Friday morning.  And kudos to Jill who directs this short, relaxed, quiet and well run Friday morning game.  She makes all our NEW players feel so welcome and so at ease - if you haven't tried it come on out Friday morning at 9:30 (under 100 masterpoints only).

Margie Knickle's boxes for food donations to help the St. Paul's Family Resources Food Bank are in place, and we have a couple of donations.  All contributions are welcome.

Congratulations to the winners of the North American Pairs "B" - Brian Maciver & Mark Golding; Gerardo Malazdrewicz & Mike Tanner; Maureen Donovan & Scott Rappard.   14 1/2 tables - 2 sessions.  Well Done!

​WHAT IS HAPPENING THIS WEEK AT THE BRIDGE - ​  Please note November Calendar attached.

Tuesday at 7:00 is a Club Championship game!!  Wednesday at 7:00 is back on track - still just $6.00 per player and this  week we have a Canadian Bridge Federation game - TRIPLE points and they are RED!

Mount St. Vincent this weekend.  Friday morning 99er pairs is still  on however the afternoon game is cancelled for this week!

I hope to see the rest of you at the Mount.  Need a partner for the weekend sectional?  Let Bill know - bhalliday@eastlink.ca

THE BRIDGE STUDIO ANNUAL MEMORIAL GAME -- Wednesday November 11th at 7:00.  The Bridge Studio will be closed in the morning and open for the 1:00 game and the evening Memoria Game - this will be an Upgraded Charity Club Championship game.


​Beginner Bridge - into bidding minor suits - Monday 9:30
Advancing Beginner - Play of the Hand - Ruff! Ruff! - Ruffing Losers and establishing tricks - Monday 9:30
Defense - with Jill - taking tricks AWAY from declarer
Evening Bridge Review - understanding the many facets of the Take out Double - Thursday 7:00
BRIDGE WORKSHOP -- Saturday Nov. 14th 11:00 - 2:30.  Enhancing your declarer skills how to draw conclusions and interpreting clues as declarer. To register contact Jill - jmariem@eastlink.ca


You have the following:
S – 4
H – A K
D – A Q J 9 7 6 3
C – A 10 5

You open 1D and partner responds with 1H.  What is your rebid?

Solution to last  week:
North opens 1H and South responds 1NT – and that ends the auction.  The opponents are in 1NT
Your partner leads the S2, You win the SK.  What is your plan to defeat the contract.

      S – 9 5 4
      H – A J 10 8 7
      D – A J 8
      C – K 5
                                East - you
Lead                        S – K 7 3
 S – 2                      H – K 6 5 3
                                D – K Q 10
                                C – 9 8 7
       S – 8

What do you play at trick two?

The point of this Quiz is to use your logic rather than follow the typical guidelines.  It is tempting to automatically just return partner’s suit - sometimes we have to count your tricks.  In this hand it is critical for you to establish your diamonds – you might consider a signal of some sort; but to give partner a clear message  - return the D-K.  This will knock out the D-A, and now when you get in with the H-K you will return the spade and then partner will return the diamond for you. This is what a  good partnership would do.  PS – if  declarer lets you hold your diamond King – return the spade and let partner take it from there.

Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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