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If you have opened the bidding and partner has responded, then your RHO makes an overcall.  Unless you have a reason to make another bid like showing a second suit or raising partner's suit with 4-card support.  A good way  to show your minimum hand (as opener) is to pass ‘for now’. 

The Fall Issue of the Maritime Bridge Line is available online.  Go to - www.bridgestudio.org and click on Bridge Lines

Kudos & Congratulations:

​Congratulations this week to the Team of Verna Macleod, Fred Angus, Jim Mathers, and Rosemary Sampson - winners of the 8 is Enough Team Game - that is more gold for Verna & Fred.  Kudos to all that played on Friday in the Instant Matchpoint Game.  We had 14 tables (7 in 99ers and 7 in Open).  The bagel and lunch were a hit and we all had a great time.  A thank you to Bill for working a few extra hours to fix the glitches we had getting the game posted.  And a request:  ​Margie Knickle has asked for help for the ​St. Paul's Family Resources FOOD BANK ​which is extremely low on food right now.  She will be bringing in a box so if anyone would like to donate - the community can use your help - Thanks from Margie.

​What is happening this week at the Studio:

​Erin Berry Rookie/Master Game.​  Thursday (22nd) at 7:00.  Canada wide.  We have several of our 99ers and Just Play Bridge players looking to play  - we need some more Masters.  It is a Great game sponsored by the Canadian Bridge Federation - let me know if you want to play - we will get you a partner (kmacnab@eastlink.ca)

Club  Appreciation Games ​ - Tuesday (20th) 12:30 & Wednesday (21st) 9:30am.  We have prizes for the winners and treats for everyone!!

99er Team Game​ - A special event for players with fewer than 100 masterpoints.  Sign up sheet at the Studio or contact Me or  Liz (lizlegacy@hotmail.com)

Canadian Open Pairs - RED point event!!​  Wednesday at 7:00.  Just $6.00 for triple points - & half of those are RED!!


For the Students of the Game:

Beginner Bridge - moving into bidding Major and minor suits - Monday at 9:30 & 7:00
Defense with Jill - Tuesday 9:30
*NEW* - just starting - Advancing Beginners - How to play a bridge hand.  With Doug Hamilton, Tuesday at 9:30 - see attached note!
Bridge Basics Review - with Bev - Thursday 7:00

This Week's Bridge Quiz:

Everyone is vulnerable and  partner opens the bidding with 2S.  What is your call holding:
S – Q 8 6 3
H – 10
D – Q J 10 7 6 3
C – J 8

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:

Here is the auction:
North    East    South    West
                          1C        P
 1H          P        1NT       P
 3NT      All Pass

Partner leads the D-7 – Declarer players LOW from dummy - What is your defensive PLAN.

     North (Dummy)
      S – 8 6 3
      H – A Q 10 9
      D – K 6 5
      C – K 8 3
                              East (you)
Lead                       S – J 9 7 4
D -7                        H – K 5 2
                              D – A J 9 3
                              C – 9 4

Using the “Rule  of 11” there is no point in doing anything over the lead of the D-7 – as it will win the trick – do not do anything other than play the D3 at trick one!!  Your side will win the first four diamonds!  If you are on lead after the first 4 Diamonds be sure to lead anything but a Heart  - the declarer will have to take a heart finesse at some point and you will get your King.

​See you at the Tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday
The Bridge Studio


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