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This is from our friend Michael who joined our Friday 'meeting' (thanks Mike).  Short, simple and oh so true:

"Sometime you win and sometime you learn!"

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS:  Our Saturday team game graced almost everyone with some gold!  Albeit some very little gold, but gold none-the-less.  Congratulations to our "C" team of Sheila Baird, Verna Macleod, Fred Angus & Margi Lawrence for placing second overall and received .15 gold.  Just one IMP behind the winners (Doane, Mackenzie, Weniger & Landry).  And thankyou to all that brought in the delicious snacks.  More gold on October 14th!  Congratulations to Joyce Beaton and Polly Sodhi our first winners in our NEW Friday morning 0-99 masterpoint game!  We had a great start - 8 full tables - and what fun it was!! 


Monday afternoon is an International Fund game - double your points.

Tuesday at 7:00 - Club Appreciation Game.  The Bridge Studio appreciates your patronage and we have ice cream treats and prizes for the winners.

Wednesday at 7:00 - it is time to get back to Wednesdays - this week we have a Canadian Bridge Federation Pairs Event - TRIPLE points and they are RED!  Just $6.00 for everyone.  We have missed some of you over the summer, so I hope you come back to this GREAT game.  We have a great director to make sure the game runs smoothly and quickly.  Come and Play!!

Friday 9:30 our second 99er pairs game - this week is a Club Appreciation game so bonus masterpoints and best  of all morning treats and prizes for winners in the three stratums.

Saturday 12:30 - October UP the RANKS.  More Gold Dust!  This game is for players with fewer than 1000 masterpoints.  Jill already has several players signed up, don't miss out as we have to limit the game to 18 teams.  Need a partner or team mates?  Contact Jill - jmariem@eastlink.ca


SPECIAL GAME - NOTE THE DATE:  On Friday October 16th at 9:30 am there is an ACBL Instant Matchpoint game.  The Bridge Studio will have TWO SECTIONS - Section A will be our 99er game and Section B will be OPEN for all players.  We have the souvenir analysis booklets for everyone.  Section A (99ers) will still play just 18 boards whereas the OPEN section will play 24.  Note the winners of each direction in the open section will receive 1 full gold point!  The game will start promptly at 9:30 and end at 12:25. $10.00 to play.  The afternoon game is scheduled for 12:30 but may be 10 minutes late getting started.  Don't forget that if Friday afternoon is your 5th at the Bridge Studio it is FREE.


Play of the Hand with Doug - 6 weeks on Becoming a Better Declarer.  Learn to win more tricks more often.  Begins Monday October 19th at 9:30.  This is a wonderful NEW course from Barbara Seagram.  Please see attached for details.

Thursday evening has TWO opportunities to improve your bridge.  7:00 Bev will be continuing with her Bridge Basics Review and this week the topic is TRANSFERS.  Many of you have requested an opportunity to hear about and practice transfers. 

Our Thursday evening game will be preceded (@6:45) with another great bridge tip for eveyone - let us talk about the "Re-opening Double" - it is not a convention, just a convenient way to have your side get into the game!

Bridge in a Day - Want to have some fun and discover a great new Cafe in downtown Halifax.  Join me on Saturday October 10th at the "Board Room Game Cafe" 1256 Barrington Street, Halifax.  Bring a friend for a 3 hour crash course on how to play bridge.  Bridge in a Day 2:00 - 5:00.  FREE of charge, FUN for everyone.


You are sitting South
Dealer North.  Vulnerability ALL

North     East    South    West
 1C       1NT      ?

What is your call holding:

S K 2
H A K 8 6 5
D J 10 9 8
C 7 3


Solution to Last Week's Quiz:
You are the dealer and open the bidding with 1 Heart, opponents pass throughout.  Partner responds with 1S and you rebid 2 Diamonds, now partner bid 2 Hearts. What if  your next call?

North    East    South (YOU)   West
                  1H            P
  1S      P       2D            P
  2H      P        ?

Your hand:
 S 5
 H  - A Q J 5 2
 D K J 9 3 2
 C A 4

You have a very good 15 HCP, you are not strong enough to Jump Shift to 3D, but want to be highly invitational with this 5 loser hand.  Partner may have just been taken preference to hearts and may only have a 2-card suit.  Take the opportunity to describe your hand and bid 3D.  Partner should work out you have a medium hand (you would have passed with a minimum hand) and your distribution is 5-5.
This hand is from the Better Bridge Daily Bridge Column ( Sept. 6, 2015) for more daily quizzes go to:  www.betterbridge.com

See you at the Tables,.
Kathie & Bill Halliday

Any Questions, Comments for Concerns, please let me know -  kmacnab@eastlink.ca
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