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Reliable partners overcall or double with a purpose in mind. You should consider that they have a decent suit usually a trick or two to offer the defense. As advancer you should respond naturally as if partner would have opened the bidding. You might be competing for a part score or who knows even game. If partner had a minimum overcall, they can slow the auction down.

KUDOS & CONGRATULATIONS: First I must thank Bill for doing these emails while I was in Alberta - but here is a warning, this is my first time sending this email out on Pianola. Kudos to everyone who helped hold the fort while I was away. Congratulations to Mary MacKay and Kristie Meisner for the ohhh so close to a 70% game on Monday afternoon, just 1 match point away -- 69.05%.


From International Fund Month to CLUB APPRECIATION MONTH -- we have some fun for you!! The last two International Fund Games --- Tuesday afternoon (0-500) and Wednesday Evening (open) 7:00 - and just $6.00!
FIRST Club Appreciation Game -- Saturday October 3rd at 12:30 - TEAM GAME. Remember these Special Team Games have 5% GOLD point awards. Watch for the October Calendar and see MORE chances for GOLD in October.
FRIDAY MORNING -- 9:30 we are having a NEW GAME -- 0-100 only and it is CLUB APPRECIATION - with prizes and masterpoints. Fun for all - This week the 99ers play for just $8.00, win a prize and earn some points. Watch the calendar and play EVERY Friday.
Friday October 16th 9:30 am wll be an OPEN game for EVERYONE - It is an INSTANT MATCHPOINT GAME and it offers 1 full GOLD POINT for winners in each direction - Just $10.00 per player!!


Lessons are well underway - Defense with Jill - Tuesday at 9:30
Beginner Bridge - Monday 9:30 with Carol and Monday 7:00 with Nancy. Want a FREE introduction? Kathie has a FREE Bridge in a Day program at the Wag (members & guests) on Sunday Oct. 4th (11 - 3) and again at the Board Room Game Cafe on Barrington St. Saturday Oct. 10 from 2:00 - 5:00. Join the fun!!
Bridge Topics for the newer player - Thursday at 7:00 - a great brush up and review - 2 hours.
Watch for the Play of the Hand course to start on Monday October 19th at 9:30 am.


You are the dealer and open the bidding with 1 Heart, opponents pass throughout. Partner responds with 1S and your rebid 2 Diamonds, now partner bid 2 Hearts. What if your next call?

North East South (YOU) West
 1H    P
 1S    P    2D     P
 2H    P    ?

Your hand:
S 5
   H - A Q J 5 2
   D K J 9 3 2
   C A 4

Solution to Last Week's Quiz:

The Auction:
 1S   Dbl  ??

You - South
   S 8 2
   H 4 2
   D K Q J 9 6 5
   C 10 8 6

After the double, a response in a new suit at the two level is not longer forcing. It shows a good suit with fewer than 10 HCP. With 10 HCP or more, you would start with a redouble. So with this hand bid 2 Diamonds.

See you at the Tables,
Kathie & Bill Halliday

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