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Tip of the Week:

Now that you are trying to estimate the number of points around the table, take some time to estimate the shape of the hands.  There are many hints in the auction.
Declarer opens 1 S and rebids hearts twice – their hand is 5-5-x-x (only 3 cards in minors)
Declarer opens 1C, and rebids spades TWICE – the have 5 spades and 6 clubs
Declarer opens 1S, rebids 2 hearts and then bids 3 diamonds – they have 5-4-4
Declarer opens 1H and rebids NT – they are balanced with 5 hearts and a doubleton somewhere
There are many hints given in every auction – listen and take note.

Kudos & Congratulations:

Kudos to Alan Doane and Roddy Mackenzie for their huge 76.79% game last Monday.
Congrats to Dodi Walsh and Shirley Johns who won the Lucky Score Pot of $190.00 on Tuesday
Kudos to Bea Brown and Sheila Cardone who just missed the 70% board with 68.33% last Wednesday AM
Kudos to Wayland Barber and DeLene Crown for their 65.15% in the Wednesday 299er game
Kudos to Elizabeth Frye and Alan McMillan for their 67.28% game last Friday
Thanks to Sheena Mackenzie for her wonderful cheesecake last Friday.
Finally thanks to all who brought treats for the Up the Ranks​ team game on Saturday as well as those who helped moving chairs and tables in preparation for cleaning of the carpets.​
The Play 50/50 Rotary Club fund raiser weekly draw pot of $1000.00 was won by the player with 1004.

  This Week at the Bridge Studio:

The Inter-Club Championship game – Monday 12:30 – will be changed to an International Fund game as we did not receive the hand records in time.  [Previous ACBL winners – Derek Fury & Dave Etter Aug. 4th and on July 29th was – Shirley Leblanc & Sandra Hanson; Mary Smith & Bill Waters; Jean Chapman & Roselle Greene; Donna Shakespere & Carolyn Courteen; Anne Sellar & Caroline Steeves.]
Other International Fund Games – Wednesday (23rd) 7:00; Thursday (24th) 7:00
JUST play BRIDGE – a fun game for everyone: 12 or 14 boards - TWO hours of play – ask questions, have  fun, win chocolate!!  Come early for Liz’s pearl of wisdom at 6:45 and with the game starting at 7:00 (finished at 9:10 or earlier).

  For the Students of the Game:

    Here we go – Learn More, Play More. Go to www.bridgestudio.org  and click on lessons for more information!!

For all beginner bridge players – Two separate classes on Monday at 9:30am and 7:00pm  Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge – An Introduction.
Beginner Plus – Play of the Hand – Monday at 9:30am with the Barbara Seagram Play of the Hand book.
Topics for Newer Players – Thursday at 7:00pm.  Topics include: topics Bidding Review, The Declarer's Checklist, Opening Leads, Stayman, Transfers, Takeout Doubles and How to Finesse.
Defense – Multi-Level  with interesting and easy to manage lessons begins Tuesday September 22 at 9:30am
Bridge Clinics for Beginner PLUS and Advancing Beginner players and students - Will begin Wednesday October 14th at 1:00pm - This new program will cover a variety of topics from the files of Gary Brown's Ozzy Bridge School.  Watch here for upcoming topics.
Next “Bridge in a Day” – Saturday October 10th at the Board Room Game Cafι – 2 – 5 pm.


   This week’s Bridge Quiz

      The auction goes as follows:   

NORTH      EAST        SOUTH (You)     WEST
  1S            Double          ??

     You as South hold:
     S – 8 2
     H – 4 2
     D – K Q J 9 6 5
     C – 10 8 6 

  What is your bid with the above hand?  Please send comments to: kmacnab@eastlink.ca


 Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

      The auction goes as follows:   

South          West (YOU)       North     East
  1NT             Pass                  2 C        Pass
  2 S              Pass                  3 NT      All Pass

You hold:     S – K 8 7 4
                    H – K 9 6 3
                    D – Q 8 5 4
                    C – 6

Thinking about the auction, what have your learned, and what is your opening lead?

The 2C bid from North is Stayman, which promises a 4-card major.  South has spades and North has hearts – lead a diamond.

See you at the tables, Kathie & Bill Halliday 

Questions, Comments  - please let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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