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Tip of the Week:

Versus a NoTrump contract --- When holding A Q x in a suit partner has lead, and there are 3 little cards in dummy, as third hand you should insert the Q not the Ace.  By playing the Ace then Queen, declarer, holding the King is likely to hold up until the third time the suit is played cutting off communication with partner.  If you play the Queen, declarer will have a tough time holding up as he is afraid that the lead was from an A J combination.

   Kudos & Congratulations:

Kudos to Elizabeth Carew and her grand children for decorating for our duck that will be representing the Bridge Studio in the Alzheimer’s Duck Derby next Sunday the 20th at Bishops Landing.  Festivities begin at noon with the “Duckorated Ducks” being shown until 1:00 when the big race begins.  At 2:00 10,000 ducks will be dropped in the Harbour and the lucky winners will be announced.  Remember you can purchase your own duck (forms at the Bridge Studio).

Kudos to Mary Martin and Carolyn Courteen for their 68.65% game last Wednesday in the 299er game. Two more percent would have earned their names on the 70% board.

Kudos to Gerry Soucy and Virginia Giza's 69.22% game last Thursday aft.  This was Gerry's 1st game in a long time at the studio.

Also kudos to Linda Smith and Graham Waters for their 69.09% game last Thursday evening in the 750 game.

The Play 50/50 Rotary Club fund raiser weekly draw of 1828 did not produce a winner last Wednesday so now the pot is estimated at $ 1,000.00.  Hopefully Jim Kirby will have new entry forms for those wishing to invest a toonie.

  This Week at the Bridge Studio:

International Fund Games – Wednesday 7:00; Thursday 12:30 and Friday 12:30

UP the RANKS CNTC Flight “C” Team game (0-1000 Mpts) Saturday 19th at 12:30.  Need a partner or team mates – contact Jill ( jmariem@eastlink.ca ). Your first chance to qualify for the 2016 Canadian Team Championships.  All points earned will be RED points.

 JUST play BRIDGE – a fun game for everyone: 12 or 14 boards - TWO hours of play – ask questions, have  fun, win chocolate!!  Come early for Liz’s pearl of wisdom at 6:45 and with the game starting at 7:00 (finished at 9:10 or earlier)

  For the Students of the Game:

    Here we go – Learn More, Play More. Go to www.bridgestudio.org  and click on lessons for more information!!

For all beginner bridge players – Two separate classes on Monday at 9:30am and 7:00pm  Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge – An Introduction.

Beginner Plus – Play of the Hand – Monday at 9:30am with the Barbara Seagram Play of the Hand book.

Topics for Newer Players – Thursday at 7:00pm.  Topics include: topics Bidding Review, The Declarer's Checklist, Opening Leads, Stayman, Transfers, Takeout Doubles and How to Finesse.

Defense – Multi-Level  with interesting and easy to manage lessons begins Tuesday September 22 at 9:30am

Bridge Clinics for Beginner PLUS and Advancing Beginner players and students - Will begin Wednesday October 14th at 1:00pm - This new program will cover a variety of topics from the files of Gary Brown's Ozzy Bridge School.  Watch here for upcoming topics.

Next “Bridge in a Day” – Saturday October 10th at the Board Room Game Café – 2 – 5 pm.


   This week’s Bridge Quiz

      The auction goes as follows:   

South         West (YOU)         North       East

   1NT             Pass                  2 C        Pass

    2 S             Pass                 3 NT      All Pass

  What do you lead from the following hand?  Please send comments to: kmacnab@eastlink.ca

You hold:     S – K 8 7 4

                    H – K 9 6 3

                    D – Q 8 5 4

                    C – 6


 Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1NT and RHO passes, it is your call with the following hand:

          S – J 7 6 3

          H – Q 9 7

          D – 10 9 8 4 3

          C – 4

It is your call, what do you plan to do?

With this hand, try a Stayman 2C bid.  Partner only has three bids they can make – 2D; 2H; 2S.  If partner replies 2D (no 4-card major) then pass, he will be in at the very least a 5-2 fit which will play much better than 1NT.  If partner replies 2S, you have found a nice 4-4 fit.  If partner replies 2H, you will still pass – Wishing partner the best of luck.  BTW- a wise player once told me that playing in a 4-3 fit builds character.

See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday

Questions, Comments  - please let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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