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Tip of the Week:

Take your time before playing third hand to the first trick.  How many points are in the dummy, what is your estimate of declarer’s points and what do you have.  Now you know approximately how many points partner started with – what can you determine from the lead!  Your play at this trick is often the most important play of the entire hand.

    Kudos & Congratulations:  Sam Merovitch and Linda Dodds, Congratulations for placing in the money on their First Thursday night game – well done!  Kudos to Mr. Halliday – he has devoted many hours over the last couple of weeks preparing our web page for PIANOLA.  This is a program offered that will make emailing and contacting players much easier for me, Jill and other teachers.  It also offers a wonderful tracking program for those that are interested in watching their improvements in bridge.


The Bridge Studio  is a proud sponsor of the Rotary Club fund raiser – 50/50 weekly draw.  All you have to do is fill out a card to sign up, retain the portion with your permanent number.  Each week use a (supplied) round sticker, put your number on it and stick it to a TOONIE, and drop it in the box.  The draw is each Wednesday, and Jim Kirby picks up the toonies on Tuesday evenings.  If there is no winner the money rolls over to the next week – this week the pot is OVER $800.00!!  Get your Toonies and support local charities.  And Kudos for Jim Kirby for all his hard work!

More Kudos – Elizabeth  Carew and her granddaughters are going to represent the Bridge Studio at the Alzheimer’s Duck Derby   on Sunday September 20th at Bishops Landing.  Festivities begin at noon with the “Duckorated Ducks” being shown until 1:00 when the big race begins.  At 2:00 10,000 ducks will be dropped in the Harbour and the lucky winners will be announce.  You can purchase a duck at the Bridge Studio  and you might be the winner of a 2015 Hyundai or Two tickets anywhere with WestJet or one of the many other prizes.  It is all fun – wish I could be there.

A word about PIANOLA

We will be using this new program to send out our  weekly emails as well as your game results.

I will be in Alberta  next week and Bill will be sending the weekly message

If by MONDAY you have NOT received the message – contact Bill

Either via email bhalliday@eastlink.ca or telephone 902-443-4676

We do expect some glitches with  this change over however we are hoping they will be few and far between

queen with wink colour.jpg    This week at the Bridge Studio:

International Fund Month continues:  Special games on Monday (7th) 12:30; Tuesday (8th) 7:00; Wednesday (9th) 9:30 & 1:00; Thursday (10th) 7:00 – all games worth more than DOUBLE the masterpoints.

Inter-Club Championship Game Wednesday 7:00 –still just $6.00 and an opportunity to be an ACBL winner for mega points!!

Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the Game:   Lesson begin NEXT week September 14th.

·         Beginner Classes with Carol – Monday at 9:30 am  - the very popular Better Bridge Introduction taught to you by Carol, a very experienced player & instructor.

·         Play of the Hand with Doug – Monday at 9:30 – this exciting program is with the NEW Barbara Seagram text and teachers manual – it is sure to be a hit and help everyone become a better declarer

·         Defense with Jill – Tuesday at 9:30 – This introduction to Defense is multi-level starting September 22nd with the most interesting and useful components from our mass of information.  10 weeks to becoming a better defender.

·         We have two other “Topics” classes in the works with a variety of information and lots of hands to play to practice the topic.  One will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 and the other on Thursday evening at 7:00.  I will keep you posted on these.  If you have any interest in one of these classes please let me know at – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


Bridge in a Day!

Tuesday at 9:00 AM – 12:15 PM

FREE Introduction – tell you friends and family

A fun and easy way to learn the game

artwork4.jpgThis week’s bridge Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with 1NT and RHO passes, it is your call with the following hand:


              S – J 7 6 3

              H – Q 9 7

              D – 10 9 8 4 3

              C – 4


It is your call, what do you plan to do?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1S and partner makes a Takeout Double.  What is your call with the following hand:

            S – K 5

            H – Q 10 7 6 4 2

            D – A Q 9

            C – 9 3



Bid 4 Hearts! Partner has shown an Opening bid and very likely a 4-card heart suit (on a bad day they might have just 3 but that is extremely unusual).  You know where most of the missing cards are, so just take the plunge and bid the game.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questons, Comments  - please let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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