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Tip of the Week:

In an auction where partner has bid two suits and you have an equal number in both of their suits (even if they are doubletons) put partner back into their first bid suit - - even if you have to increase the level!

    Kudos & Congratulations – First on behalf of all the Halifax players that took the trek to Yarmouth for the Lobster Classic – Kudos for you for running such a great (and FUN) tournament.  Special Congratulations to Mark Spear for winning the Saturday night Individual game – I haven’t laughed that much at the table in ages!!

Congratulations Winners of the Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship – Rod Mackenzie & Leo Weniger and Janet Corkum & Heather Gillis – watch for your names on the special plaque

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

MONDAY AUGUST 31ST – Your Last Chance to qualify for the North American Pairs!!  Monday at 12:30 -  triple points and half of those are RED!!

September is International Fund Month – all month there will be special International Fund Games – the Bridge Studio will be sending the CBF $1.00 per player on all International Fund Games.  YOU will receive a little more than double masterpoints!  This week we will have FOUR International Fund Games:

Wednesday at 9:30 and again at 7:00, Thursday at 7:00 and one more on Friday at 12:30.

Labour Day Monday September 7th the Bridge Studio will be OPEN and we will celebrate Labour Day with an International Fund Game!!

Bid box-blue.jpg      For the Students of the game:

Posters and Flyers will be ready Monday for our lesson line-up for the fall.  All Lesson will begin after Labour Day. We have plans for basic defense, a NEW book by Barbara Seagram on “Play of the Hand” and beginner and advanced beginner classes.

BEGINNER BRIDGE – A great way to introduce someone to the game of bridge - come to our Bridge in a Day – Tuesday September 8th at 9:00 am (Until 12:15) – FREE course to get to know the basics of the game!!

Come and Play – recommended for new-to-bridge players - a relaxed - no masterpoints just play the game – Monday at 7:00, Thursday & Friday at 9:30 – hone your skills in any of the fun and relaxed games.

artwork4.jpg      This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1S and partner makes a Takeout Double.  What is your call with the following hand:

    S – K 5

    H – Q 10 7 6 4 2

    D – A Q 9

    C – 9 3


Solution to Last week’s Quiz:

You are the dealer. What is your call on the following hand:

    S – A Q

    H – A Q

    D – K 8 4 3

    C – J 7 6 4 2


Look carefully, where do you want the lead to come from and why??



Bid 1NT – experts often consider this type of hand “semi-balanced”.  Considering the major suits, which looks like the most likely lead – it is INTO your AQ / AQ – which cannot be bad.  If partner has 10+ you will likely end up in 3NT and you should be able to establish tricks in the minor suits.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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