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Tip of the Week:

Don’t play an honour from dummy at trick one when it obviously does not have a chance to win the trick.  There are only two reasons to play an honour from dummy:

#1 – either an attempt to win the trick, or

#2 – to promote some other card in your hand or in the dummy.


EXAMPLE: -- The contract is 4 spades

In the dummy -              S – K 5 3 2

    Lead is the S – 7

In your hand                  S – 6 4


Do not play the KING – It is highly unlikely that LHO has lead away from the Ace therefore the Ace is on your right.  And maybe RHO has only 1 or 2 spades.  Even if they have more, you leave the king in dummy and when RHO wins a trick – RHO will be reluctant to play that suit.  You cannot win the trick and you cannot promote anything in your hand – play low!

   Kudos & Congratulations:  Kudos to Margie Ovens for the wonderful birthday cake to celebrate Evelyn Campbell’s ninety-something birthday – what a treat – and Happy Birthday again, Evelyn.  Reviewing the scores from earlier this month when we were in Chicago – I see Maxine Cordon and Sharon Grant had a 73% game – WOW – Congratulations:!!  More Congratulations to Betty and Fred Richardson for their 73% last Monday evening at “Just Play Bridge!

queen with wink colour.jpg    This week at  the Bridge Studio:

   ·     Our 6th Annual “Balon Buckley Upgraded Charity Club Championship” – THIS Wednesday (26th) – game time 7:00 and still just $6.00.  Watch this week for updates on whether the honouree will be able to attend J


   ·     Only a couple more chances go qualify for the North American Pairs – this week for FLIGHT “C” (0-500 Non-Life Masters) only – Thursday (27th) at 7:00 pm (mini-lesson at 6:45).


   ·     LAST CHANCE TO QUALIFYMonday August 31st at 12:30 – OPEN stratified  (A = Open; B = 0-2500; C = 0-500NLM)


Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the game:

   ·      Practice, Practice, Practice – see Jill Thursday or Friday mornings at 9:30 – lots of laughs as you enjoy the friendships, games and light instruction.

   ·     Just Play Bridge! – Liz has a “Pearl of Wisdom” each Monday evening at 6:45 with the 2 hour game to follow at 7:00.  Help is on hand if desired – and the winners get chocolate!!


   ·     Thursday mini-lesson –  6:45 advancing beginners and intermediate this  week we will discuss signals – regular and inverted!!  How to help you partner.


artwork4.jpg   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You are the dealer. What is your call with the following hand:

                S – A Q

                H – A Q

                D – K 8 4 3

                C – J 7 6 4 2


Look carefully, where do you want the lead to come from and why??


à   Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Last week’s quiz could have been a challenge for the more experienced and much more obvious to the newer player.  It makes a lot of sense, but to be sure, discuss this one with your favourite partner.

       Your LHO opens the bidding with 1H and partner doubles. Now your RHO bids 1S.

 You hold:

           S – A J 8 3

           H – 9 7 6

           D – K 8 2

           C – Q 6 4

     What is your call?



In this auction – your DOUBLE should be taken for penalty.  You have 4 spades and partner has promised at the very least THREE!  Your side has the “Balance of Power”.  If you held just clubs and diamonds you could either bid them, or wait to see if partner makes a second takeout double.  A. Grant’s Better Bridge Vol. 16 #6


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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