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Tip of the Week:

When discarding we use positive inferences by discarding HIGH to tell partner we like a suit and we usually use a negative inference by discarding LOW to tell partner we do not like a suit.  Remember when defending against a Notrump contract it is usually better to use the Negative signals by discarding low in what we do NOT want - this way we can keep as many cards as possible in our good suit.

queen with wink colour.jpg   BRIDGE STUDIO news – In Chicago we attended a lot of seminars and workshops on what we can do for YOU – so watch for some exciting new programs at the Bridge Studio – more points and information on how YOU can work to improve YOUR game!!

   Kudos & Congratulations:  First Kudos to Anne & Cel Dicks, Eleanor Luckhurst and John Nancekiville for their attempt at the Grand National Teams flight ‘C’ – they had a rough time of it,  but remember they WON the District 1 and got to play in their FIRST National Event – no matter what the result was – we are glad you went.  Karl, Jim, Denis, Elwin, Stephen and Ethan were the first team from the Maritimes to go the finals as well – did not place well, but had other victories that made the Maritimes proud – we are happy you all went


And Kudos  - to everyone who helped things at the Bridge Studio run smoothly while Bill and I were enjoying Chicago – we are glad we can go and learn new things to keep the Bridge Studio a professionally run bridge club.


Congratulations to another Maritime foursome – Michael Ross. Sandra MacPherson, Cindy Havens, and Connor Havens – coming 1st or 2nd in almost every knockout they entered – This was Cindy and Connor’s first national and Michael’s second – and thanks to Sandra who knew all the hoops -- well done everyone!!

queen with wink colour.jpg   This Week at the Bridge Studio:

Getting to the end of the N.A.P. club games – remember these and the COPC are the opportunities to win RED points --- here are your RED point opportunities this week at the Bridge Studio:

 J  Tuesday at 12:30 (18th) AND Thursday (20th) at 7:00 – for Non-Life masters with fewer than 500 masterpoints – NAP game –this game offers TRIPLE points and half of those are RED.

 J  Wednesday at 7:00 for just $6.00 – a quality game with RED points (NAP) qualifier – hand records and a good field of players.  Friday at 12:30 more RED points and another opportunity to qualify for he District Finals.


Click here to see if you have qualified at the Bridge studio

Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the Game:

 ุ  Practice Play with Jill – an amazing teacher with a handle on the basics  - taking hands from previous games she will have a bridge tip based on mistakes ( and yes a few players did make mistakes ).  She includes the travelers from a game played by the ‘experts’ and she will reveal the – YES - mistakes that they MIGHT of made J- it is fun, relaxed and a great place to improve your game.


 ุ  JUST play BRIDGE – a fun game for everyone: 12 or 14 boards - TWO hours of play – ask questions, have  fun, win chocolate!!  Come early for Liz’s pearl of wisdom at 6:45 and with the game starting at 7:00 (finished at 9:10 or earlier)


artwork4.jpg     This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Here is a tricky one.  Your LHO opens the bidding with 1H and partner doubles. Now your RHO bids 1S.


You hold:

                S – A J 8 3

                H – 9 7 6

                D – K 8 2

                C – Q 6 4


What is your call?   Think carefully – what are your partnership agreements J


Solution to Last Week’s  Quiz:


Your RHO opens the bidding with 1D and you hold:


                   S – A

                   H – Q J

                   D – A J 10 9 8 5

                   C – K Q 4 3


What is your call?



PASS!!   Where are you going to go?  Bidding 2D sounds like a Michaels cuebid (for those that play that).  Double will be a disaster when partner bids their major.  Maybe LHO will pass and partner will make the takeout double – then YOU can PASS for penalty.  If you pass now and LHO  bids and it gets back to you, you can now bid 2D – this would show the long minor with a willingness to play there.


See you at the tables.

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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