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Tip of  the Week:

When you have a choice of an opening lead, and one is an unbid major and the other is an unbid minor, it is usually right to lead the major.  Why?  Minor  suits are often the “secret weapons” and major suits are usually bid.

High%20Five[1]   Kudos and Congratulations  -- to all that are playing in Chicago – congrats on all your efforts.

queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening at the Bridge Studio

·         North American Pairs – we have FOUR of these special games that offer both black and RED points this week.  These games are:

 Ψ  Monday (10th)  - 12:30 – open stratified ( C = 0-500 NLM; B = 0-2500; and A is 2500 ++); Next game is Tuesday at 7:00 – should be lots of points on this Tuesday night;   Ψ   

  Wednesday morning at 9:30 am  Open, and Thursday at 12:30 pm another open game – remember they are half Black and half RED.

·         Wednesday at 7:00 – will be a Charity Club Championship – almost triple for points  - and just $6.00 for some good bridge!!

·         Thursday at 7:00 – CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME for 0-750 only – we have prizes.  There will not be a mini-lesson this  week, but you will be delighted with our very professional and knowledgeable director (and for those that have missed him this year) Doug Hamilton will be in charge.

Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the game:

·         Monday – 6:45 – Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom

·         Thursday and Friday – Practice Play with  Jill – remember each game is preceded with some insight from Jill – typically these lessons are based on errors from the previous weeks game.

artwork4.jpg    This week’s bridge quiz:

Your RHO opens the bidding with 1D and you hold:


    S – A

    H – Q J

    D – A J 10 9 8 5

    C – K Q 4 3

            What is your call?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1D and partner Doubles.  What do you bid with the following hand:


    S – K J 8 3

    H – A 8 6 5

    D  - A 8 4

    C – 9 5



You clearly have enough values to be in a game contract – but what game?  Let your partner choose.  Bid THEIR suit - 2D – that cannot be to play (if your diamonds were that good you would have passed the double) it is asking your partner to pick their suit.  When partner made the takeout double of 1D – it is possible that  one of  their majors could be just 3-cards and you do not want to choose  the wrong one – bid 2D and let partner give  the preference.  If partner prefers clubs – bid 3NT.


We will see you at the tables NEXT week as Kathie and  I are in Chicago for a  few bridge games (and a lot of meetings).

Kathie &  Bill Halliday


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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