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August Calendar attached

Tip of the Week:

If you are choosing to compete against a No-trump auction – it is best you have a one suited hand or better yet a two suited hand.  Competing with against a balanced hand with a  balanced hand is a recipe for disaster.

    Kudos and CongratulationsKudos to the Friday very ‘patient and understanding’ players.  Our hot water heater sprung a leek and the day was . . . a disaster – but on the bright side - we had a wonderful birthday cake (rum & raisin) brought in by Sheena (thanks Sheena).  It was delicious.  Congratulations to Sandra McPherson and Mike Ross on their 70%er on Wednesday evening - well done!!


queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening at  the Bridge Studio this week

August is the last month to receive club qualification for the North American Pairs!!


 P MONDAY August 3rdNatal Day – we are OPEN.  Game in the afternoon (the mall is open from noon to 5:00).  The director will be there for noon!  Just Play bridge is ON, Bill has a key to let everyone in and Liz has her “Pearl of Wisdom” ready for 6:45.


 P INTER-CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - last ICCG in July we had winners Shirley Leblanc  and Sandra Hanson and also placing in the ACBL wide overalls – Anne Sellar and Carolyn Steeves. – Your turn to try your luck on Tuesday at 7:00.  Game fee $10.00, club masterpoint regular – overall placings – MEGA points!!


 P Club Championship Wednesday August 5th at 1:00 – more points and prizes for the winners – but this game is for 0-300 only!!


 P North American Pairs – Remember  these games are TRIPLE points and boast both black & RED points.  TWO games this week – Wednesday at 7:00 ($6.00) and Friday at 12:30 pm.


 P Up the Ranks Charity Club Championship game – Saturday August 8th.  Game time 12:30, Game fee $12.00, Game restrictions 0-1000 masterpoints, partners/teams needed contact Jill – jmarie@eastlink.ca   What else to know – always fun, lots of food and well run!!


Bid box-blue.jpg   For the students of the game:

 J  Thursday 9:30am & Friday 9:30am– Supervised play with Jill.  She will have some boards ready so everyone gets to play. Jill has picked out a problem hand from last week and will review that hand with you at the beginning of the session.  As always, Jill is on hand to help out anyone who would like it.  AND the hands are carefully selected from an OPEN session so you can compare your results with the Experts, plus there is at least one hand for each direction to be declarer – how fun!  Just $8.00 come and play, have some fun and learn a little too.


 J  Monday at 6:45 PM – Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom.  Just prior to our “Just Play Bridge” game at 7:00, Liz will give you some pointers on either declarer play, bidding or  maybe defending.  Don’t miss this Pearl of Wisdom.  Then play for TWO hours (7-9) in a duplicate style game – meet new people, no time clock, no masterpoints – but we have CHOCOLATE for the winners!!


 J  Opening Leads versus No-Trump contracts – our on going mini-lessons for our 0-750 players.  This game is always fun, and ‘just for the record’ most of the players are under 500 pts.  And the Game is still stratified  - so it is a comfortable environment for all beginners as well.  If it is your FIRST Thursday evening game – receive a free play!


artwork4.jpg   This week’s bridge quiz:

Your LHO opens the bidding with 1D and partner Doubles.  What do you bid with the following hand:


     S – K J 8 3

     H – A 8 6 5

     D  - A 8 4

     C – 9 5


Solution to Last:

West    North    East    South(YOU)

1S      Double  Pass    ??


What is your call holding:

S – A 10 5

H – Q J 8 6 3

D – K J 5

C – 6 2


You have 11 HCP – Jump to 4H.  You know your side has 13 + 11 = 24 points and West your LHO has 13 = 37.  It is much easier to make a contract when you know where all the strength lies.  You can be very aggressive when you know where the cards are!!


I am off to Chicago at the Teachers Convention – hope to come back with lots of new ideas for everyone.  Bill is holding the fort!!

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Even though I am not here, I still invite all your quesitons and concerns  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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