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Tip  of the Week:

Proper care and handling of the BRIDGEMATES.  It is  the responsibility of EAST/WEST to verify the score – this does not mean that they simply press the  “Accept” button – they actually CHECK that the score has been entered correctly.  Whisper it aloud if you must to make sure you have the score correct.  If a score is entered incorrectly it often affects the masterpoint awards.  I will get a call or email of the incorrect score and must contact the other pair to verify the correction – then email that information to the Bridge Studio so the score can be corrected.  The Masterpoint awards will be changed (and in the ACBLscore, not necessarily the online scores) and then I will hear from the person that received LESS masterpoints than expected because of this score correction.  PLEASE CHECK THE SCORES when the  board is completed!!

SPEAKING OR BRIDGEMATES --  the committee voted that starting on MONDAY afternoon the we will now add the OPENING LEAD  in the Bridge Mates – I have had this request from many players that want to improve their game that they would like to see the Opening leads published when they get their results --- Your director this week before each game will guide you through the process J  Starting MONDAY – we will add the Opening Lead to the Bridge Mate entries.  As the North Player  - after the auction – and right after the opening lead – record the contract and the lead in the Bridge Mate.

   Kudos & Congratulations  - thanks to everyone who came and played in the “Summer Break” Team Game – overall winners – Liz Legacy, Dan Landry, Myrtle Moulton and Virginia  - winners of B & C – Bonnie Boyd-Read, Carm Bailey, Rob & Mary Martin.  Kudos to the ‘Ayer’ team the whole family took time from their family reunion for a day of bridge  - John  (Halifax), Ellen (Moncton), Berti (Toronto) and Frank (Calgary)  - glad you could join us J

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening at the Bridge Studio this Week --- Just the GOOD Stuff:

·         North American Pairs – Tuesday (28th) afternoon – 0-500 NON-life masters ONLY – 12:30 – RED & black points

·         North American Pairs – Friday (31st) 12:30 – OPEN stratified – Need a partner – contact me --- kjmacnab@eastlink.ca

·         A chance for mega points – WEDNESDAY at 1:00 – but for 0-300 only! – an InterClub Championship – clubs points do not change -  only if YOU are in the final – regular fees apply

·         Charity Club Championship (TRIPLE points)  Wednesday at 7:00

Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the game  Do not miss out on this summer opportunity,

·         Thursday & Friday mornings – Practice Play with Jill -  hands from the experts though out the week – and everyone gets to be declarer – 9:30 sharp– a bridge a Bridge Tip from Jill

·         Pearls of Bridge Wisdom – from Liz Legacy  - Monday at 6:45 – stick around for the Just Play Bridge game.  New to duplicate bridge, want to improve your beginner skills – this game is for you.  Questions allowed/encouraged – Play the game – play start( and questions answered) at 7:00

·         Thursday 7:00 – Leading 4th highest from longest and strongest – the third exception at 6:45.  Stay and Play – great game at 7:00!!!

·         FRIDAY afternoon – 12:30 – RED/black points – North American Pairs

artwork4.jpg   This Weeks Bridge Quiz:

    West    North    East    South(YOU)

    1S       Double  Pass     ??


     What is your call holding:

                            S – A 10 5

                            H – Q J 8 6 3         

                            D – K J 5

                            C – 6 2


Solution to last  week’s quiz:

You and your  partner have  a strong auction ending in 4 spades.  You are declarer and West leads  the D-Q.  Plan your play

North (dummy)

                         S – Q 2

                         H – 6 5 4 3 2

                         D – 9 8 7

                         C  - Q J 10

LEAD:  D - Q

                        South  (YOU)

                        S – A K J 10 8 7

                        H – A Q

                        D – A 4 3

                        C – A 2



Which finesse did you choose?  I hope NO finesse!  Did you count your tricks?  You have 6 spade tricks, 1 heart, 1 diamond and 1 club – all for sure.  You only need ONE more trick.  After the diamond lead, cash you Spade Ace, then play the club Ace and a low club.  Opponents will take their two diamonds, but you can then go to dummy with the S-Q and play the remaining club honour to discard your H-Q.  It is all a matter of counting your TRICKS.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions? Comments? – contact me – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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