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Tip of  the  Week:

When to balance – it is common not to let the opponents play at the two level – and you can be aggressive in balancing – WHEN THEY HAVE FOUND A FIT – [ 1D – P – 1H – P – 2H – P – P – P - ?] they found a fit – before you pass in the balancing seat (the last seat to bid) take a good look at your cards and try to find a bid - they have about 20 HCP so you do as well!


    Kudos & Congratulations:  The final  tally is in for The Longest Day - the total donations to the Alzheimer’s was $2,215.50.  Many generous donations from you helped to make this day a success!!  Next year the LONGEST DAY will be on a Tuesday and their will be some changes!!  I will keep you posted!!  Do you know that between the Longest Day and our Alzheimer Walk the Bridge Studio contributed over $8,000.00 to the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society – how cool is that!!

A note from Nancy concerning receipts  -- they are coming – with a new system and a new recorder the process has been slowed down, but the receipts will  be ready shortly.  I will assume that the receipts for the Longest Day will be about another month as well.


queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening this Week at the  Bridge Studio

·         Monday (20th) 12:30 – North American Pairs Club Qualifier – TRIPLE points and half are RED

·         Wednesday (22nd) 7:00 – N.A.P. game – MORE RED points

·         Thursday (23rd – at 7:00 – flight C only N.A.P. game – this Thursday is open ONLY to players with fewer than 500 masterpoints and a Non-life master (as of June 1st 2015)  --- be sure to qualify so you can play in the BIG District finals for A, B &/or C – and there is GOLD points available in those games!!

·         Sunday (26th) – Summer Break TEAM GAME!!  Game time 12:30 it is be STRATIFIED.  Sign up Sheet at the Studio – Charity Club Championship Game $12.00 with lots of snacks for grazing!!


Bid box-blue.jpg    For the Students of the game

There is always something to learn when playing bridge – what we have over the summer months:

J  Practice Play with Jill – Thursday and Friday at 9:30.  Jill gives a tip prior to play and the tip is usually based on a common error made at the previous session.  She also carefully selects hands from a game played by the more seasoned player so you can compare your results to theirs!  It is fun and just 2 hours – if you have not tried it, it is a good way to keep your bridge up over the summer.

J  Monday – 7:00 Just play bridge – Liz is back with another pearl of wisdom to share (6:45pm).  Fun and relaxed, no clock, no masterpoints (just chocolate).

J  Thursday – 7:00 – this week’s game is only for 0-500 NLM at 6:45 Kathie will have a mini-lesson on the Second Exception to leading your 4th highest!


artwork4.jpg     This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You and your partner have a strong auction ending in 4 spades.  You are declarer and West leads the D-Q.  Plan your play:


                        North (dummy)

                        S – Q 2

                        H – 6 5 4 3 2

                        D – 9 8 7

                        C  - Q J 10

LEAD:  D - Q

                        South  (YOU)

                        S – A K J 10 8 7

                        H – A Q

                        D – A 4 3

                        C – A 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You opened the bidding with 1 Heart and your LHO overcalls 1 NT, partner passes and RHO bids 3NT.  Your partner is on lead and leads the H-9.  How do you plan to defeat the contract?

                North (dummy)

               S – 10 8 4

               H – 10 8

               D – Q 5

               C – A Q 10 9 7 6

                                          East (YOU)

Lead:                                 S – Q 6 5 2

H – 9                                 H – A K 7 4 3

                                          D – A 7 3

                                          C – 5


Partner’s H-9 must be the top of a doubleton or singleton; with 2 hearts in dummy, 5 in hand and 2 for partner, declarer must have FOUR.  By winning the A & K of hearts and continuing hearts you will now give declarer two tricks in hearts the Q & J, and the contract.  How many points can partner have (Declarer 15 + dummy 8 + you 13 = 36) partner has at the most 4 HCP.  They are not in hearts and we hope it is not the C – K, the D-Q is a menace so we hope partner’s points are not in diamonds – so let us hope for spades.  After winning the first heart trick attack the spade suit – this is your best chance to defeat the contract.  In this hand declarer will win the S-A but the rest of the suit is for you and partner.  After declarer wins the spade A and 6 club tricks you must win a red suit Ace and can now enjoy your spade tricks.


  Partner’s Hand:    S – K J 7 3

                              H – 9 2

                              D – 9 8 6 2

                              C – 4 3 2


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Do you have any questions?  Or Comments?  - please let me know  -- kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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