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Tip of the Week:

BEFORE the bidding cards are scooped up be sure you take a moment to review the bidding to get the best picture of the hands in your head as you are able.  You cannot defend properly unless you remember the bidding.

    Kudos & Congratulations:   A few Kudos to Bill the tech guy for working on our first ever “Handicapped Team Game” – with lots of trials, tribulations and direction from ACBL he now has the game finalized – so go to www.bridgestudio.org and see the new posting.  With THAT we congratulate the Kirby team (Jim Kirby, Scott MacDougall, Myrtle Moulton, and Virginia Giza) for coming out on top!  Big congratulations to the Cordon team (Maxine Cordon, Sharon Grant, Bill Watters, and Elaine Downs) for a strong second place.  Most of all I want to thank all for coming over after the game and enjoying the sunshine with me and Bill – it was great fun, the food was good (thank you everyone) and even the bridge discussion was fun!!


queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening that is SPECIAL at the Bridge Studio this week:

*      Tuesday (14th) at 7:00 – North American Pairs – OPEN club game – TRIPLE points half RED and half black.

*      Wednesday (15th) 7:00 – ACBL wide International Fund game – just $6.00 and more red points available + analysis sheets.

*      Thursday (16th) 12:30 – NAP Club Qualifier – OPEN – TRIPLE points half RED / half black.

*      Friday (17th) 12:30 – Summer Celebration Club Championship Game – DOUBLE+ points and PRIZES for the winners in each strat.

*      Saturday (18th) 12:30 pm – 0-1000 Up the Ranks Team gameClub Championship game ($12.00)

Bid box-blue.jpg     For the Students of the game:

J  THURSDAY at 6:45 – the first exception to the Maxim “4th highest from your longest and strongest!  This game is for players with fewer than 750 masterpoint points – we are trying to keep it fun, relaxed and on time (out by 10:00).  If it is your first time to come on a Thursday night, be sure to let Kathie know for a special prize!


J  Just Play Bridge – Monday at 7:00 just 14 hands to play and finished by 9:15.  Come early (6:45) for a bit of bridge wisdom.  Always fun, new players to meet and new friends to make.  Bring someone new and receive a free play.

artwork4.jpg      This week’s Bridge Quiz:

You opened the bidding with 1 Heart and your LHO overcalls 1 NT, partner passes and RHO bids 3NT.  You partner is on lead and leads the H-9; covered by dummy’s 10. 

How do you plan to defeat the contract.

                North (dummy)

               S – 10 8 4

               H – 10 8

               D – Q 5

               C – A Q 10 9 7 6

                                          East (YOU)

Lead:                                 S – Q 6 5 2

H – 9                                 H – A K 7 4 3

                                          D – A 7 3

                                          C – 5


Solution to last week’s Quiz:

Planning your defense:

              S – A Q

              H – 10 6 4

              D – 7 4

              C – Q J 10 8 7 6


S – 9 5 2                             S – 8 7 4 3

H – K 9 7 2                          H – Q 5 3

D – A 8 3                             D – Q J 10 6

C – 5 4 3                             C – A 2

              S – K J 10 6

              H – A J 8

              D – K 9 5 2

              C – K 9


The auction is a simple 1NT – 3NT for N/S.  Partner leads the H-2, small from dummy, and you play the H-Q, declarer winning the H-A.  Next declarer plays the C-K, which you duck but you win the club continuation with your C-A.  What is your plan from here?

Solution –

If you simply return your partner’s suit you will get at the most 3 more heart tricks and that is not enough to defeat the contract.   So what do you know:

-          Partner likely has a 4-card  heart suit – therefore NO 5 card suit in their hand

-          Partner has at the most 7 HCP  (40 – 24 = 16 – 9 = 7)

-          If partner holds the K & J of hearts – declarer has nine tricks – 5 clubs, 2 spades, 1 heart & the A – D)

-          The card needed from partner – and possible for him to have, is the D-A

Play for partner to hold the Diamond Ace – win your C-A and lead you D-Q – trapping the D-K and three diamond tricks are yours with the winning H and C-A.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Questions  and comments are  always welcome – send them along  to kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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