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Tip of the Week:

After you open the bidding and LHO makes an overcall and partner advances with a NEGATIVE double, and you bid a suit, then partner bids a NEW suit – this is NOT forcing and does not show a BIG hand.  This is in contrast to when you make a takeout double and bid a new suit – that is forcing and promises a big hand.  After a NEGATIVE double and a rebid suggests that your partner has a long suit (typically 6+ cards) but was unable to bid it after the overcall.


     1D  -  1S  - Double  -  pass

     2C  -  pass  - 2H***              the hand is too weak to have bid hearts Directly over the 1S overcall (6 HCP and H- Q J 9 7 5 3)


If partner’s hand was something like:  S – 6 3;   H – K Q J 9 7 5;  D – A 10 3;  C – J 3 – partner would have responded 2 hearts directly to show 10+ HCP!


   Kudos & Congratulations – Congratulations to our newest Life Master – Sheila Baird – she struck gold in Fredericton.  So that means cake for Tuesday AFTERNOON at  12:30.


queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening this week  at the Bridge Studio:

Monday Afternoon (6th ) – 12:30 – North American Pairs - Stratified A,B,C – these points are TRIPLE our normal club points (100% Sectionally rated) and half of them are RED.


Tuesday  (7th)7:00 – Charity Club Championship – tonight we will celebrate the achievements of our players from the Can-At.  Our last year for Fredericton.  Get ready for the Can-At Halifax in 2016!!


Wednesday (8th) evening 7:00 will be a Charity Club Championship with the proceeds for our Duck in the Alzheimer’s Society Duck Derby in September – PLUS it is just $6.00 to play!!  What a deal!!


Thursday afternoon (9th) – an OPEN Stratified NAP qualifying game – extra points and lots of fun


Thursday (9th) at 7:00 – North American Pairs – flight C  - this week the evening game is only open to players with fewer than 500 and are Non-life masters, $10.00 TRIPLE points.  You can qualify to play in the District finals at the end of October – from there it is off to RENO NV for the National finals.  Come Early for Kathie’s Better Bridge Mini-Lesson (6:45)


SATURDAY JULY 11TH – Summer Fun Team Game – 12:30.  I have the handicapping rules from Guy, so the game will be handicapped – and should provide lots of masterpoints  (this is new to me so help me with the test).  After the game  - who knows maybe pot luck on Wren Street J


Bid box-blue.jpg   For  the students of the game;

J  No formal lessons for July  - but learning is still on the agenda – where to improve your game:

J  Thursday & Friday at 9:30 – practice play with Jill

J  Monday at 6:45 – prior to our Just Play Bridge game at 7:00  - Liz is on vacation and this week Kathie has a bridge tip for everyone - interpreting the bidding J

J  Thursday at 6:45 – going back to step one in Opening Leads against NoTrump – making the picture clear!!

artwork4.jpg   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

The auction is simple – South opens with 1NT and North bids 3NT.

              S – A Q

              H – 10 6 4

              D – 7 4

              C – Q J 10 8 7 6


LEAD:                                S – 8 7 4 3

H –2                                   H – Q 5 3

                                          D – Q J 10 6

                                          C – A 2


Partner leads the H-2, small from dummy (H-4), and you play the H-Q, declarer winning the H-A.  Next declarer plays the C-K, which you duck but you win the club continuation with your C-A.

Particularly in a TEAM game your goal is to defeat  the contact – how would you proceed after winning the C-A


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

South opens 1NT and North bids 3NT.  Your partner leads the H4.  What is your defensive plan.


        North (dummy)

       S – K Q 5

       H – A 9 5

       D – Q 10 5 3

       C – 9 7 5

                                    East (you)

Lead:                          S – 10 8 4 2

H – 4                          H – K Q 3 2

                                  D – 9 2

                                  C – K 6 2

·         How many hearts does declarer have? Two – partner lead the H-4 and you have the 3 & 2, presuming partner lead fourth best, leaving declarer with 2 hearts.

·         Which player has the H – J? Either partner or  declarer

·         Which player has the H – 10?  Either partner or  declarer

·         Which card do you lead at trick two? Declarer has just two hearts and one might be the J, play your  H-K and smother the Jack – if declarer has the H-10 or smaller, then it does not matter, but your side will be able to establish your suit, you know partner has about 4 or 5 points.


Better Bridge Magazine Vol. 17 #6 – for more quizzes like this one – subscribe to Better Bridge magazine call Baron Barclay 1-800-274-2221


See you at the tables,

Kathie Macnab Halliday


Quesitons? Comments?  Just let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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