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Tip of the Week:

The negative double is a useful tool, but have you discussed with partner what to expect for strength?  Since a negative double is vague as to the exact strength most partnerships will agree that the minimum strength for a negative double over a 1-level overcall (1D/1H/1S) is typically 6 or more points.  Over  2C/2D the negative doubler should have 8 + points and after an overcall of 2H/2S the strength of the negative double should be 9+ points, and if the opponents overcall at the three level (3C/3D/3H/3S) a negative double would show 10+ points.


   Kudos & Congratulations:

Good Luck to all those who are in Fredericton for the Canadian Atlantic Regional Tournament.  We spent a couple of days and it was wonderful – the committee did a great job this year!!  Here is hoping we will have a few new Life Masters by Thursday!   The July calendar is attached!! 


queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

Tuesday (June 30) for all those that did not go to Fredericton we will have our own Club Championship game – 7:00 Tuesday evening – prizes for winners – I will remind Victor to get the prizes out!

The Bridge Studio will be OPEN on July 1st!  and to celebrate  Canada Day we will have SPECIAL GAMES ALL DAY:  9:30am – North American Pairs (triple points); 1:00 – Club Championship (double + pts) and 7:00pm another NAP with triple points – and they are half RED!


Wednesday night is Cheap Night – this week $6.00


Thursday (2nd) – Game time is 7:00 and open to players with fewer than 750 Mstpts.  If it is your FIRST Thursday game -  tell the director for a complimentary pass. This game starts promptly at 7:00 and ends at 10:00 – 24 boards, and prior to the game (6:45) don’t miss the Mini-lesson!! 


Friday (3rd) at 12:30 North American Pairs Club game – triple points and half of them are RED!!  North American Pairs club games are stratified C = 0-500 NLM; B = 0-2500; and A  = 2500 + 


Bid box-blue.jpg  For the Students of the game:

Just play Bridge – Monday at 7:00 – come for 6:45 and hear the Pearl of Wisdom.  There are NO masterpoints for this game and NO clock, we usually play 14 boards, and finished by 9:10.  An instructor is on hand to answer questions.  This is the perfect socializing game, lots of fun and you could win some chocolate as well!!


artwork4.jpg    This week’s bridge Quiz:

South opens 1NT and North bids 3NT.  Your partner leads the H4.  What is your defensive plan.

        North (dummy)

       S – K Q 5

       H – A 9 5

       D – Q 10 5 3

       C – 9 7 5

                                    East (you)

Lead:                        S – 10 8 4 2

H – 4                         H – K Q 3 2

                                  D – 9 2

                                  C – K 6 2

·         How many hearts does declarer have?

·         Which player has the H – J?

·         Which player has the H – 10?

·         Which card do you lead at trick two?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with a pre-emptive 2-H call and your RHO has passed. What do you respond holding the following:

S – 8 7 4

H – 9 6 2

D – K 9 7 6 2

C – J 3



You know your side is not going to make game, but the opponent may very likely be able to.  RHO has passed so you are quite sure LHO has a very good hand. Try to make it more challenging for them to find their right suit and right level.  Bid 3H!  This is NOT an invitational bid for partner to take another call, you are captain of this hand.  LHO is uncertain how good our hand is and may even pass - the “Law of Total Tricks” suggest that you are likely safe to play at the level of the number of tricks your side holds.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie Macnab Halliday


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