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Tip of the Week:

The Redouble – Partner opens the bidding and RHO makes a takeout double.  Learn to use this to YOUR advantage! 

·         With 10 or more HCP start with a REDOUBLE, let partner know that your side has the balance of power.  Some partnerships have an agreement to bid 2NT showing a limit raise in openers suit (Dormer/Jordon Convention) but if you are new at this let me recommend to just REDOUBLE with any 10 + points. 

·         The first thing you are looking for is to receive big PENALTY points from the opponents for stepping into YOUR auction. 

·         When LHO makes their bid, unless opener has an extremely distributional hand and feels he should get out ASAP opener should either double (penalty) or pass to leave the option to responder. 

·         From here responder must decide whether it is better to try for the penalty points or find your own fit. 

·         It is here that (unless playing the convention) the responder can show support  for opener’s suit or bid a new suit of their own. 

·         With fewer than 10 HCP – responder can bid whatever strikes their fancy – raise partner, pre-empt, new suit – partner knows the story.

   Kudos  & CongratulationsKudos -  I cannot thank enough all of you for your participation in the LONGEST DAY.  Tally after today’s game is very close to $1,900.00, with $1,461 for NSAS and $437.00 to the Alzheimer Association International Research Group.  Everyone who brought in cake, cookies, cheese cracker, snacks, sandwiches - my sincere thank you.  It was a huge day and a great success!!  And Congratulations to our prize draw winners – people got entries after their first three games and every game after that.  Hotel 2 night stay at the Holiday Inn Dartmouth – winner – Dorothy Gibson.  Hotel one night stay at the Coast Hotel, Halifax – Jim Kirby.  Tassimo coffee maker – Peter Rans.  Armview gift certificates: Connie Glube, Graham Waters and Candace Flemming.

Congratulations  to all the 70% games on the LONGEST DAY – Victor Lamoureux (3),Stuart Eastwood (3), Jim Kirby, Stephen Tynes, Jim Mathers, Rosemary Sampson, Lynn Switzer, Maxine Cordon, Connie Glube,  Janet Corkum, Virginia Giza & Mary MacKay.  And one 80.83% game – Gary Brown and Leo Weniger.


queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

We had one more Longest Day Fundraising event – today MONDAY at 12:30  - thanks again for everyone for coming and supporting the cause.

Ψ  Canadian Olympiad Fund Game – Tuesday June 23rd – 7:00 – this game will be $11.00 for everyone and we have analysis sheets for after the game – great for going over the hands and seeing what the experts suggest.  Or seeing how brilliant or not you were!

Ψ  Club Championship game for St. John the Baptist Day – Wednesday (24th) 9:30 am – Do not forget to stay and get your prize!

Ψ  Club Championship game on Thursday – 12:30 – this game is to wish good luck to all those travelling to Fredericton for the Canadian Atlantic Regional Tournament *****  Club Championship games are more than double regular club points and come with prizes for winners in each  stratum.

Ψ  Wednesday evening  - previously posted as a NAP game it will be a Charity Club Championship (only allowed two for Wed. nights) – still TRIPLE points!!

Ψ  Thursday 7:00 – Inter-Club Championship – extra points for ACBL overalls

ΰΰThursday mini-lesson – leads made in the  “middle of the game” 6:45

Bid box-blue.jpg   For  the Students of the game:

Tuesday morning – advancing players - Jill will be wrapping up her advanced series on bidding treatments, tomorrow is Strong Hands Rebids – INCLUDING Reverses, whether you know it or not REVERSES is a part of bridge, everyone plays them.  Whether or not they play them correctly is another story J See Jill – 9:30


Tuesday 9:30 – Transfer bids with Trish.  If you understand why ‘transfers’ are used and what partner is trying to tell you – you will have an easier road when bidding.


Thursday 6:45 – You all have the guidelines to opening leads – but how do they change when you are in the middle of the hand.  Come and see me prior to the game on Thursday evening and hear how to let our partner know what your leads mean at trick two and beyond.


artwork4.jpg   This  Week’s Bridge Quiz:

Your partner opens the bidding with a pre-emptive 2-H call and your RHO has passed. What do you respond holding the following:

    S – 8 7 4

    H – 9 6 2

    D – K 9 7 6 2

    C – J 3


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You are sitting East and partner leads H-A against 4 spades after the following auction:

          West      North      East          South

                        1D         Pass         1S

     Double       2S         Pass         4S  -- all pass


                North (dummy)

                S – Q 10 8 5

                H – 4 3

                D – A K Q J 7

                C – 10 4                       East

                                               S – 9 3

Lead:                                       H – Q J 8 2

H – A                                       D – 9 8 6

                                               C – 8 7 5 2

The H-3 is played from dummy – Now what card do you choose to play?



Your goal is to win FOUR tricks not just three; partner doubled and should have something that looks like an opening bid. Declarer likely has all the spades, but if partner has a spade honour he will win it eventually.  The diamond suit will serve declarer well as a source of tricks - theirs not yours, so it looks like partner has values in the club suit if they are the A & K – then you have four tricks for the taking.  What if partner has the A & Q – then you must get on lead to play a club through declarer.  So what card do you play?

The H-8 is encouraging but partner might think you have a doubleton and play the other high heart hoping you will get a ruff, and if you play the H-2, partner might switch suits.  The correct card to play here is the H-Q the Queen promises the H-J!!  NOT a doubleton.  Partner will see this signal and you will win trick 2 when partner under leads his H-K and play a club to partner’s A & Q – defeating the contract.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Any Questions or Comments – just let me know – kmacnab@eastlink.ca

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