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Tip of the Week:

The Gerber convention is one of the most abused conventions in bridge.  Typically Gerber is only used when the contract is headed to NoTrump.  My agreement with partner is if the first bid or the last bid is No Trump and we have not agreed on a suit – then 4 clubs is Gerber  - Ace asking.  And how often to you ask for aces in a No Trump contract?  Not very – usually when you hold a long solid minor suit (source of tricks) something like: S-x   H-Kxx  D-AKQJxxx  C-KQ --   Partner opens 1NT – time for Gerber!

   Congratulations & Kudos – Friday evening was the E-Cats World Wide pairs.  Gary Brown and Leo Weniger had a 77.98% at the Bridge Studio but  once scored ‘across the field’ (that means with everyone that played and a top on a  board  was 3930) sadly they dropped  to 68.44% but came  in 25th out of 4266.  Trish and Gerardo Malazdrewicz on the other hand went from 71.43% to 68.80% to finish 22nd internationally.  Saturday proved to be a tougher game as our best score from the Studio was Victor Lamoureux and Lynn Switzer with a club final of 63.89% and moved up to 64.61% and 93rd  out of 3748.  Want to look at the results yourself?  Go to:

ECATS World Wide Results for Friday Evening 

ECATS World Wide Results for Saturday Afternoon 


queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening this week at the  Bridge Studio:

We have TWO club championship games  - Monday (8th) at 12:30 and again on Wednesday (10th) at 7:00 – there are prizes for the winners!  PLUS extra Masterpoints.


Inter-club Championship game – Tuesday (9th) at 12:30 – this game will have regular points at the club level, but you will receive mega points if you place in  the ACBL overalls. 


No extra charge  - just  extra  points.

The Longest Day

Mark you Calendars

Sunday June 21st

Play bridge from sunrise to sunset (or when ever you can fit a game in)

Each  game is 12 boards, $5.00 with snacks

Get your “Dance Card” today.

All games support the Nova Scotia Alzheimer Society

Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the game:

The Bridge Studio is offering several ways to keep improving your bridge:

#1 – Play on Monday night - Non-sanctioned bridge – 2 hours only – prior to game (6:45) for a Pearl of Wisdom from Liz

#2 – Understanding the bidding messages – with Jill Monday morning 9:30.  Not too late to join in.

#3 – Stayman and Transfers with Trish.  A continuation of the beginner class, but focusing on the two most popular conventions.  Not only will you learn what they are but understand why you use them.  Tuesdays at 9:30.

#4 – Useful Conventions for the Advancing Players – this week you will be tackling ‘New Minor Forcing’ – Tuesday 9:30

#5 – Thursday evening at 6:45 – Golden Tip from Kathie – This Week: getting ready for the Regional and helping you win Gold Points – Help Suit Game Tries.

#6 – Practice play with Jill Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:30am


So take some time this summer and drop into a class or game - keep you Brain Healthy.

artwork4.jpg   This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Last week you had Karl’s hand at the Canadian Championships which was:


     S – A K Q x

     H – A K Q

     D -  K Q x

     C – A K x

Karl opening 2C and Denis responded 2H  (showing No A or K in his hand).  Karl’s rebid was textbook – 4NT showing a  balanced 28, 29 or 30.  Yes, this is part of  the Bridge Basics series.  Many of the other players with very sophisticated systems did not have a bid to describe this hand and got to the wrong contract.


à  à  àThis week’s Quiz:

Here is Denis’s hand – what would you bid after hearing your partner’s 4 NT 28-30 HCP balanced hand.

     S – 7 5

     H – J 10 9 5 4 3 2

     D – 5 2

     C – J 3

What’s your  call?


See you at the  tables,

Kathie Macnab Halliday


MCG Bridge Studio

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