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Tip  of the Week:

Reviewing the auction.  You are entitled to review any time during the auction when it is your turn to bid.  When the auction is over (three passes), you may ask for a review after your partner makes a face-down lead or at your first turn to play, including before you make the face-down opening lead.  After that, you can ask where you are, but not how you got there! You may only ask what the contract is and whether it is doubled or redoubled but not by whom.

High%20Five[1]Kudos this week – to everyone who supported Nancy Fraser and the Bridge Studio Aces in our Alzheimer Walk on May 3rd – and here is my hope that your generosity will continue as we prepare for the LONGEST DAY.  Sunday June 21st our first game is at 6:30am and we continue playing until 9:45 (last game begins at 8:30pm).  Please continue your support and play as often as you can on the 21st.  I have prizes for winners in each stratum in each of the NINE games.  The Bridge Studio will have food for the day from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert – anyone wanting to contribute some food would be appreciated – you are all the best.

For more information about the Longest Day - please see attachment.  Dance cards ready this week J


queen with wink colour.jpg  What is happening THIS WEEK at the Bridge Studio:

 J  June is the beginning of the club qualifying games  for the North American Pairs – first game – Wednesday June 3rd at 7:00!! Just $6.00 to play.


 J  TWO club championship games – with PRIZES – Tuesday at 7:00 and Thursday at 12:30 – Extra points, no extra cost.


 J  WORLD WIDE PAIRS – there are TWO games – Friday June 5th at 7:00 and Saturday June 6th at 12:30.  Each game is played around the world and one of the most exciting games presented  by E-cats.  The club cost for the game is $16.00 US per table, so The Bridge Studio will be adding $2.50 per entry.  Total cost per player per game - $12.50 (pre-pay cards + 2.50).  But hey – you could be a WORLD WIDE CHAMPION!!  And I promise to have some special treats for each game.

Bid box-blue.jpg  For  the Students of the Game:

We never stop learning – and we always have opportunities, so other than just learning through play in any game here are some other opportunities:

 Ψ  Play Monday night, ask questions and learn and play.  7:00 for the game – 6:45 for “Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom”.


 Ψ  Play Thursday evening – come early for a Golden Tip and improve your game.  It is fun and quiet, 21-24 boards and finished by 10:00 pm


 Ψ  Advancing beginners - a special opportunity - NoTrump responses for THREE weeks.  June 9, 16 & 23rd.  Stayman and Transfers are an important part of No Trump auctions.  But you should really understand all about Stayman – June 9 & 16, Trish will be holding classes just on Stayman – 9:30 Tuesday mornings, then on the 23rd – now that you understand when and where for Stayman; Trish will explain all about Transfers.  Really knowing these conventions will improve your game!


 Ψ  How about improving your basics – this course on Mondays at 9:30 (beginning June 1st) – Jill will be exploring the bidding message  - unless you speak the language you will have trouble getting to where you want to go.  Improve our Bidding Language with Jill  - 4 weeks $50.00 (includes handouts) or drop in  when you want for $13.00 per session.


 Ψ  For Advancing Players – Knowing how to make a FORCING bid is extremely importing for good bidding.  Jill will explain four of the most popular forcing bids in bridge – Fourth Suit Forcing; New Minor Forcing; Inverted Minor Raises; and Strong hand Bids (Including Reverses).  All 4 weeks for $50.00 include handouts or just  drop in for $13.00 per class.

artwork4.jpg  This week’s Bridge Quiz:

Here is a hand that Karl Hicks had at the CNTC – how would you bid it?


    S – A K Q x

    H – A K Q

    D – K Q x

    C – A K x


Karl had no problem with the 2C opening bid.  His partner (Denis) responded with 2H (No A or K).  What is your rebid with Karl’s hand?


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

The contract is 3 NoTrump.   Plan Your Play.


     S – A K

     H – 7 6 2

     D – 10 4 3

     C – A 9 7 4 2


Opening Lead:   S – J


      S – Q 6 4 2

      H – A K 8

      D – A K 7

      C – 10 5 3


You must win 9 tricks and as long as clubs are divided 3-2 it should not be a problem. For sure you have 3 spades, 2 hearts, 2 diamonds  and 1 club for 8 tricks.  The best place for your 9th trick looks to be in clubs.  First you need clubs to divide 3-2 (68%), and next you must play them in the right order.  If you start at the top with the C-A and then give one up a club you will not likely be able to get back to the dummy to play anymore clubs as the opponents will have knocked out your Spade Ace.  Instead as soon as you win the first spade play a low club, win the next spade and play another low club  - if they break 3-2 (as hoped) you can now travel back to the C-A and enjoy your last two club tricks.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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