M C & G  Bridge Studio   24-May-2015


Tip of the Week:

Unless you and your partner have specific SPECIAL agreement the following is considered standard.    When you bid Stayman your hand MUST contain at least 1 four-card ONLY suit!  That is a guarantee!  Now if over a 2D rebid by opener you can rebid a major to show a 5 / 4 distribution and invitational hand by bidding it at  the 2 level and force to game by bidding the 5-card major at the 3 level.  With a 6 / 4 hand you can start with Stayman and if partner bids 2D – you can bid game with the 6-card suit.


This week is a short email – we are all still in Montreal at the Canadian Bridge Championships.  Having a great deal of difficulty getting our mojo going.  But it is an incredible experience just the same.  Hope more of you will join us NEXT year in Toronto!


Congratulations to Sandra MacPherson, Margo Beveridge, John Rafferty, and Ray Boudreau for winning the Grand National Team finals flight B in Quebec.  Leo Weniger and team will be representing the open flight.


What is up this week at the Bridge Studio

Inter Club Championship on Wednesday morning.

Grass Root Fund Games Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 and Thursday at 12:30.  These games support our players from District 1 as they represent us in the NAPs and GNTs.   NO extra cost, just extra masterpoints.


This week’s Quiz:

The contract is 3 NoTrump.   Plan Your Play.


     S – A K

     H – 7 6 2

     D – 10 4 3

     C – A 9 7 4 2


Opening Lead:   S – J


      S – Q 6 4 2

      H – A K 8

      D – A K 7

      C – 10 5 3


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

The contract is 4-hearts.  Considering the order, how do you plan to play this hand.

      S – 9 8 6

      H – Q J 8

      D – K Q J

      C – A K 7 6


West Leads:  S – K


      S – A 5 2

      H – K 10 9 6 4 3

      D – 8 5

      C – Q 3



It is tempting to win the S-A and then pull trump – but you have 2 spades to lose and the Ace of Trumps, as well there is the D-A looming out there.  Consider the Order – you must eliminate a loser before you pull trumps.  Play your clubs first, start with the Queen then over to dummy to play the Ace & King - discarding one of your losing spades.  Now you can play your spades, the opponents will only get 1 spade trick.


We are off to the game now  -- wish us luck. J


See you at the tables

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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