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Tip of the Week:

When a problem arises at the table, call the director in a calm voice.  (Director PLEASE). Take no action and make no comments after the director has been summoned. When he/she arrives, courtesy dictates that the person who called initially is usually the first to state what the problem is.  Then, if needed, the director will ask each player at the table to give their views without interruption.  The director will issue a ruling.

Kudos & Congratulations

   Thank you for all your help for the Spring is Sprung Bridge & Barbeque – it was great fun.

Bill and I would like to thank you for the wonderful (and very unexpected) gift for our new home.  You were all far too generous as we are still appreciating our wedding gift from all of you.  We are forever grateful – Thank you.  By the way June – I used the Pledge to do the table for my clean up tonight.

 We do want to thank you all for dropping in and “Break  In” our new home.

Congratulations to Nancy Fraser, Kristie Misener, Marta Mihoff  & Derek Broughton – the BIG winners of today’s 16 table stratified game.

Special Kudos to Maxine C., Jill T., Trudy & Gunther Hahn our very novice team for playing today  - and I hear – enjoyed playing each round J

Saturday Up the Ranks winners – Kathy Ells, Bonnie Boyd-Read, Carmel Bailey & Elly Bronk – WELL DONE

queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening THIS WEEK at the Bridge Studio:

***  YES – We are open on MONDAY – (Victoria Day) – and to mark the occasion – we have EXTRA Masterpoint  - GrassRootsFUNd game – 12:30


Just Play Bridge  will be READY to go on this holiday weekend – ANYONE can play – do you have someone you want to introduce to Duplicate Bridge – Come and Have some fun.  New to duplicate or just to the game of bridge – this game is for you – come early (6:45) Liz  will have her “pearl of wisdom” for you


MORE GrassRootsFUNd games this week ---- Wednesday @ 1:00 for 0-300 players only.

Or join our very fun and diverse game on Wednesday evening at 7:00 – GrassRootsFUNd for extra masterpoints.


And Friday  the 22nd at 12:30 practice up for the tournament in Bridgewater NEXT weekend  - partake in this another GrassRootsFUNd game.


Bid box-blue.jpg      For the Students of the game:

·         Beginner Bridge – want to improve your Basics – this week Trish will be delving into Major suit responses and rebids – one of the issues with most new players – Tuesday at 9:30  -- if you want to drop in  - no problem just a $12.50 lesson fee.


·         Jill is now into KeyCard Blackwood ( ohhh how  fun) Tuesday at 9:30 – drop-ins are fine – just $12.50

artwork4.jpg     This week’s Bridge Quiz:

The contracts is 4-hearts.  Considering the order, how do you plan to play this hand.

      S – 9 8 6

      H – Q J 8

      D – K Q J

      C – A K 7 6


West Leads:   S – K


      S – A 5 2

      H – K 10 9 6 4 3

      D – 8 5

      C – Q 3


Solution  to last week’s Quiz:

The contract is 6-Spades.  West leads the D-2, what is your line of play?


       S – Q 8 3

       H – K 10 5

       D – A Q 6 3

       C – K 10 7

Lead: D – 2

       S – A K J 10 2

       H – A 7

       D – J 10 8

       C – A 5 2



Did you take the finesse or not?  First when you count your tricks you need 12 and you have 5 spade tricks, 2 heart tricks, and 2 club tricks.  In diamonds you can win 3 tricks, which gives you the required 12 tricks.  If you chose to take the finesse – you are taking a chance on either winning the over trick had West started with K 9 7 2, but West could also have led the singleton D-2.  In which case, East will win the King and give his partner a ruff.  Chances are slightly higher that West lead the singleton rather than low from the King – no need to be greedy, play the Ace and insure your contract.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill  Halliday


Please let  me know your questions for comments – My goal is to make the Bridge Studio a pleasant experience place for all players – kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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