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Tip of the Week:

It is necessary to understand WHY you make a pre-emptive bid – and when.  Here are some guidelines from Gary Brown.

 -       The bid should describe your hand adequately – a good pre-empt will be a good description of your hand.

 -       You should not freely bid again!

 -       Your partner becomes ‘Captain’ of the auction.

 -       If vulnerable, have a decent suit.

    Kudos & Congratulations

We had a  wonderful turn out for our inaugural GNT District Finals!  19 teams in total.

8 Teams in Flight A – and the winners were:  Alan Doane, Rod Mackenzie, Stuart Eastwood, and Terry Shaw

11 Teams in Flight C – and the victors were: John Nancekivell, Eleanor Luckhurst, Ann Dicks, and Cel Dicks

The C team has reported that they will be attending the Finals in Chicago this summer, and I have not had a commitment from the A Team yet

A hearty GOOD LUCK to all of you at the finals!!

queen with wink colour.jpg   What is happening this week at  the Bridge Studio:

More “GrassRootsFUNd Games” – Tuesday at 12:30 (12th), Wednesday at 7:00 (13th), Thursday at 7:00 (14th) – for all the 0-750 players, please note what a fun time everyone had last week, and come and play again this week in this game worth EXTRA masterpoints, and Saturday ‘Up The Ranks’  (16th) – all these games will have EXTRA masterpoint awards J Sign up sheet for Up The Ranks is at the Studio!


--- More fun and games – SUNDAY ‘Fun Time’ team game – 12:30 Start time – just 4 rounds of 6 boards, following the game Bill & I invite you to our NEW home on Wren Street – it has been a year of work to get it together and we still have a lot to do.  But we want to have you over for a Barbeque, so come on Sunday, play some bridge and have some hamburgers and hotdogs J


Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the Game:

Slam bidding with Jill at 9:30 Tuesday morning – drop ins welcome ($12.50).  See what secrets Jill unveils to help you get to those GOOD slams.


Beginner Bridge with Trish – moving on the bidding the suits – want a review to improve your bridge – Join Trish on Tuesday at 9:30


BIG Hand bidding – Kathie will be looking at hands with LOTS of points in them and how to force to game and investigate slam – we have our last TWO classes this week – Wednesday at 1:00 and Friday at 9:30 am.  


Come and Play – it is hard to have courses now that the sun is shining and we want to enjoy the outdoors, so join one of our many games for beginner players –

Thursday or Friday morning for Practice Play or come on Monday at 7:00 for our “Just Play Bridge” – all of these groups allows players to ask for help or some direction on how to bid, play or defend – a great way to work on those skills you learned in class over the winter – NOW just play the game and get some practice.


artwork4.jpg   This Week’s Bridge Quiz:

The contract is 6-Spades.  West  leads the D-2, what is your line of play?


       S – Q 8 3

       H – K 10 5

       D – A Q 6 3

       C – K 10 7

Lead: D – 2

       S – A K J 10 2

       H – A 7

       D – J 10 8

       C – A 5 2


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

Your Contract is 4-S.  West leads the C-Q.  What is your plan?

        S – K 8 5

        H – A 9 8 2

        D – Q 7

        C – A 8 4 2

Opening Lead: C - Q

        S – A Q J 10 7 6

        H – J 3

        D – 9 6 3

        C – K 7



It is tempting to Draw Trumps immediately but you notice that you have to lose 3 diamond tricks and one heart trick.  Life will be fine as long as trumps break 2-2, but in the real world they can just as easily be 3-1 or (ugh!) 4-0.  You do not have to worry about losing a trump – just  too many diamonds.  Since you will lose the diamonds anyway, start your play by giving up the two diamonds so you can ruff the third in dummy.  The honour in dummy is a red-herring, it will never win a trick anyway, and don’t even dream of getting away with not losing a heart.  This is a matter of paying attention to your losers.


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

It is that time of year again – we are looking for Coffee (or tea).  The Bridge Studio does not want to ever charge for coffee and why we rely on those that drink coffee to bring in a can once a year.  Our supply is dwindling and it would be wonderful for any of you coffee drinkers who have not brought in a can of coffee this year to drop one off.  We still buy the cream, sugar and sweetener, so why not help us out with the coffee.  Tea  drinkers – a box of bags would be appreciated.


See you at  the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


Any Questions or Comments – please let me know  - kmacnab@eastlink.ca


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