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Tip of the Week:

What is your Opening Lead from three small cards?  Your choices are Top of Nothing; Middle Up Down; or Low from three or more.   It is standard to lead low from three or more and high/low from a doubleton.  If partner has bid a suit and you have NOT supported it - it is standard practice to lead low – NOT Top of Nothing – partner will think you only have a doubleton.  Some partnerships adopt M.U.D. (Middle Up Down).  But if you have supported partner’s suit it is often an agreement to lead low with an honour card and high to show no honours.  If you are one of those players who leads the top of partner’s suit, no matter whether it is an honour or not, try to break this habit, it does not make for good defense.  Something to discuss with partner J

Kudos and Congratulations:  HUGE Kudos  to Skipper Nancy and the Bridge Studio Aces – we walked our 5K today in support of the NS Alzheimer Society.  To date we have raised a little over $5,300.00 and there is more to come.  Our next adventure is THE LONGEST DAY – Sunday June 21st – first game at 6:30 am. Congratulations to all our Halifax players that took part in the 299er tournament.  I hear we have some winners and Halifax brought home lots of masterpoints.  Well Done!!


queen with wink colour.jpg    What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio:

The Big Event – Saturday May 9th 10:30 am start time – GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS Flights C & A.  This is the first time the Maritimes has held a District final, we are so excited.  This will be a TWO session event ( 6 rounds of 8 boards per round).  There are GOLD point awards!   Derek Broughton will be directing and there will be pre-duplicated boards.  Come and join this prestigious game – the winners of Flight A and Flight C will be able to represent District 1 at the National Finals in Chicago this summer!!


  J  May is Grass Roots FUND Month – this week we have THREE Grass Roots Games:

  J  Monday May 4th – 12:30

  J  Wednesday May 6th – 9:30 am

  J  Wednesday May 6th – 7:00  (Just $6.00 per player)

  J  Rejuvenate THURSDAYS – Let us get some players back in the game.  Just to show you that the game is still fit for ‘newer’ players we are offering a chance for everyone (with fewer than 750 masterpoints) to come and play this Thursday in a FREE game – come and join us!!!  Once  you try it, we know you will be back.  Mini-lesson preceding the game – this week mini is about FORCING bids.


Upcoming Event – Mark Your Calendars

Spring is Sprung . . . .  Finally … Team Game

Sunday May 17th – 12:30 – 4:00

Bar-b-que at 5 Wren Street to follow!

Yes, we are in the house, and we would like to put our deck to good use – All are invited!!

Bid box-blue.jpg   For the Students of the Game:

 P Want to improve your SLAM Bidding – join Jill on Tuesday mornings.

 P Do you know your TRANSFER bids – Kathie will be detailing what Transfers are all about, and how to get the most out of Transfers – Wednesday 1:00

 P Pearls of Wisdom with Liz – prior to our “Just Play Bridge” game on Monday at 6:45 – a little tip to improve your game.

artwork4.jpg    This Week’s bridge Quiz:


Your Contract is 4-S.  West leads the C-Q.  What is your plan?

        S – K 8 5

        H – A 9 8 2

        D – Q 7

        C – A 8 4 2

Opening Lead:

C - Q

        S – A Q J 10 7 6

        H – J 3

        D – 9 6 3

        C – K 7


Solution to Last Week’s Quiz:

You are in 3 NT with the following hands.  Plan your play:

     S – Q 6 4

     H – 9

     D – A Q J 9 7 2

     C – K 8 7


Opening                    East Plays:

Lead:   C-5                       C - 9

     S – A 9 7 2

     H – A J 10 6 3

     D – 10 3

     C – A J



Another hand where you must consider the order of how you want to play the cards.  It appears that you can cheaply win the C9 – but count your tricks.  You have only 5 sure tricks and must establish the diamonds in the dummy for more tricks.  Suppose you win the C-J  and now play the 10 of diamonds and no body takes that trick, you are still in your hand.  You can finesse again but if West ducks, and East wins – you cannot get to the dummy for more tricks  - your C-K is blocked.  So at trick ONE no matter what happens, win the C-A and then do the diamond finesse – you have the C-K as an entry.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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