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Tip of the Week:

The bridge maxim of ruffing in the dummy for extra tricks holds true – only if the dummy is the short trump hand.  A NoTrump opening with a transfer to a major will now have the Long trump suit in the dummy – now it is better to ruff in our hand (short trump holding) than in the dummy.  By ruffing in the short-trump hand gives you an extra trick; a ruff in the long-trump hand does not.

  Kudos & Congratulations – a big Thank You to the 40 masters who played in the Helen Shield’s Rookie Master Game on Wednesday – and Congratulations to Hazel Harlow and Russ Stacey for coming first with 68.8% - let’s see how that holds up Nationally.  We had a great day with 20 tables playing.  Watch the CBF site (www.cbf.ca) for the cross Canada results.


ATTACHED is a note from our Skipper Nancy concerning the Alzheimer Walk THIS COMING Sunday – Waterfront – 5K.  A lovely walk.  If you have not sponsored one of our walks yet, please take a moment this week to help our cause.  Or better yet, come and walk with us.

queen with wink colour.jpg     What is happening at the Bridge Studio – this week:

Charity Club Championship Games – THREE this week:

·         Tuesday at 7:00 – as our ‘snow birds’ start to make it  back to Nova Scotia – we will have a cheery welcome with a Charity Club Championship game on TUESDAY April 28th at 7:00


·         Wednesday (29th) at 7:00 – another CCC – just $6.00 per player


·         Saturday May 2nd – 12:30  Just for the Guys Game – (CCC), it is fun, has good food and for GUYS only – sign up today.  See attached for more information.

·         GRAND NATIONAL TEAMS – See attached details  - this game is the DISTRICT FINALS for flights C (0-500 NLM) and A – 0-6000.  There are gold point awards for this event.  Game time 10:00am – 6 rounds of 8 boards per  round.  Get your team together and come and play on  SATURDAY MAY 9th.

Bid box-blue.jpg       For the Students of the game:

Practice  Play – For all students and new  to duplicate players – Thursday & Friday mornings at 9:30 with Jill – have fun, play and ask Jill your questions.


Just Play Bridge – NON-sanctioned game with 12 boards, a Word of Wisdom.  Fun, relaxed, no clock, no masterpoints – but we have  chocolate J


Tuesday – Slam Bidding with Jill – 9:30


Tuesday 9:30 – Lesson THREE for Beginner Bridge  - No Trump bidding


Wednesday 1:00 – Popular Conventions – the finer points of Stayman and an introduction to Transfers.

artwork4.jpg      This weeks Bridge Quiz:

The Contract is 3 NoTrump  -- Plan your play:

     S – Q 6 4

     H – 9

     D – A Q J 9 7 2

     C – K 8 7


Opening                    East Plays:

Lead: C – 5                       C - 9


     S – A 9 7 2

     H – A J 10 6 3

     D – 10 3

     C – A J


Solution to last week’s Quiz:

Plan your play.  The contact is 6S and the opening lead is the J-H.  After careful consideration, how do you plan to proceed.


     S – A 4

     H – A 8 3

     D – J 8 2

     C – A 9 7 4 3

Lead: H-J

     S – K Q J 10 9 5

     H – K 4

     D – A 7 3

     C – K 2


Answer: It is tempting to win the heart Ace and start to draw trumps –but wait!  You have a losing diamond to get rid of – remember “never ignore a long suit in dummy” and consider the order.  You can establish the club suit as long as they break no worse than 4-2.  Win the heart in your hand, then the C-K and C-A and ruff a club HIGH, if they did not break 3-3 you can play the S-K and over to the S-A and ruff another club in your hand.  Draw the last trump and over to the Heart Ace which you saved at trick 1 to discard your losing diamond on the remaining club.


See you at the tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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