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Tip of the Week:

The bid of 5NT.  Twice this week I saw an auction where one player bid 4NT – Blackwood (ace asking) and after the response they bid 5NT – the king ask.  Both times they were missing one Ace after the 4NT ace asking bid.  So here is some insight – When you bid 5NT there is no way your partnership can escape below the 6 level.  Therefore a bid of 5NT must have interest in going beyond the 6 level, in other words they are looking for a GRAND SLAM.  Ergo – a bid of 5NT would clearly tell partner we have ALL the Aces (and with key-card, the trump king and queen)  - and are looking for kings because you want to be in the GRAND SLAM.  The moral of the story is – do not ask for kings (by bidding 5NT) unless you are thinking playing at the 7 level!

   Congratulations – This week I would like  to send congratulations to Michael Ritcey and  sister Janet – the “C” pair  to come FIRST overall on Tuesday night.  Tuesday evening continues to be one of the best games in Halifax – lots of players and a diverse field – haven’t tried it yet – come  on out a very friendly group of players  and Victor our director does a  great job.

Congrats as well to the Spring “Up the Ranks” – 11 teams with victors being Linda Walker, Marilyn Bernardo, John Nancekivell and Shirley McInnes.


Kudos to everyone who came to the Grand Slam Adventurers Information night – 33 people and almost everyone signed up for our 2016 Caribbean Cruise  - we are off to a great start and our February Adventure is shaping up to be one of  our best – Jo Ann & I have lots  of fun planned for everyone!!

queen with wink colour.jpg       What is happening this week at the Bridge Studio

J  Just Play Bridge – Monday at 7:00 (Liz’s Pearl of Wisdom – 6:45) – This game is for anyone who is new to the game or just wants a night out to play fun and relaxed bridge – NO clock, NO masterpoints (but  chocolate for the winners).  Only 12 – 14 hands -  start at 7:00 finished at 9:00 – ask questions, get a clue of what to do and meet some great people – this game has grown to 9 or more tables on Monday night – come and join us your first game is FREE.


HELEN SHIELDS ROOKIE/MASTER GAME – Wednesday 1:00 (please  note the time).  Everyone who has signed up will have a partner.  But I could use about 3 more masters to play with some up and coming players.  We are up to 16 tables and hope to come to 18 total tables.


J  TWO charity Club Championship Games this week – Tuesday at 7:00 – regular $10.00 fee and the Bridge Studio will contribute $1.00 per player to our Alzheimer Walkers.


J  Wednesday at 7:00 – A very interesting game and growing every week.   Wednesday is $6.00 per player – so come and enjoy.


Coming Events

Just  for the Guys!!!

This Annual game for the BOYS only will be held  on

Saturday May 2nd – 12:30

Food, Fun, Beer and just the Boys

Charity Club Championship

Need a partner?  Contact Peter --  Ineson@eastlink.ca


299er Sectional Tournament

The 2nd annual Sectional Tournament ONLY for players with fewer than 300 Masterpoints

Last year was a great success – so mark your calendar – Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd

Schedule attached

Bid box-blue.jpgFor the Students of the Game:

- Come and play in our Monday evening 7:00 – a nice way to test your bridge, ask questions and get back into the game.


- SLAM Bidding for Advancing Players – join Jill Tuesday at 9:30 – this week exploring No Trump Auctions – Gerber or Quantitative bids


- Conventions – Wednesday at 1:00 will be postponed this week as we are ALL playing in the Rookie/Master game – NEXT week we will look at the finer points of Stayman and begin understanding Jacoby Transfers – want to drop in – just let me know!!


- Beginner Bridge  - Trish has a small and enthusiastic group on Tuesday at 9:30 – want to join in?  Call the Studio – 902-446-3910

artwork4.jpg      This  Week’s Bridge Quiz

Plan your play.  The contact is 6 Spades and the opening lead is the H-J.  After careful consideration, how do you plan to proceed.


     S – A 4

     H – A 8 3

     D – J 8 2

     C – A 9 7 4 3

Lead: H-J

     S – K Q J 10 9 5

     H – K 4

     D – A 7 3

     C – K 2


Solution to last week’s quiz:

South is the declarer in a 3NT contract.  What is your line of play with the following hands:


        S – A 8 3

        H – A 10 9 7 2

        D – A 3

        C – A K 6

Lead:  S – 4

        S – Q J 5

        H – 8 4

        D – Q J 10 7 2

        C – 8 3 2

How do you intend to win your nine tricks – remember to consider the order.



I imagine your first thought was to duck the lead to your S Q; and then try to establish your diamond suit -- but when you consider the order - you know you need entries to the diamond suit.  Let us imagine that your played low from dummy at trick one -  winning the queen in hand, now you play the diamond Queen toward the ace, the opponents refuse to cover and you win the Queen, and your D-A will win next, You play the spade Ace but the opponents will now win the King – no entries to your hand.  By considering the order you will WIN the spade lead with the Ace, then play Diamond Ace, and low Diamond to your hand - playing Diamonds until the opponents take their King.  When you win the heart or club return you can lead toward the  S-Q/J, One of them has to win – and presto, you are in the right hand at  the right time.


See you at the  tables,

Kathie & Bill Halliday


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